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Fall 2019 Honors Faculty

Get to know your Honors Faculty for Fall 2019.

Honors Faculty Resources

Honors Contract Course

Information and ideas about modifying your curriculum to create an Honors Contract Course


Major Advisor for an Honors Thesis Agreement Form

Agreement to Serve as Mentor/Advisor for an Honors Thesis


Faculty Guide

The role of the faculty in fulfilling the goals of the University Honors Program cannot be overstated. Whether you are teaching an Honors course, mentoring through an Honors contract, or serving as an advisor for an Honors Thesis, your work is critical to our efforts to provide an environment for academic excellence. The Faculty Guide is an electronic resource designed to assist you in working with the Honors Program and our students.

This guide serves as an introduction to the program as well as a guide and handy reference to various policies and initiatives. The guide will help to answer some frequently asked questions and lists important contacts.  We hope you’ll find it useful. There is much that is not contained in the handbook, so we encourage you to contact us. 

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at some of our Honors events

Honors Program Events

Stay up to date on all the events you can attend to satisfy program Civic Engagement requirements.


Honors Program Events