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Graduating from the Honors Program

Student celebrating marching back through the Swanson Arch


University Honors Program students may graduate with Honors Degree or with Honors Distinction.

 * Please refer to your Undergraduate Catalog for requirements based on your catalog year


Bachelor's Degree with Honors Distinction

Honors students who complete 19 credits of Honors coursework, including a 1 credit Honors seminar (HONS 3391), graduate with Honors Distinction.

  • The Honors Distinction requires:
  • The Honors Distinction is noted on the transcript and at commencement.
  • The Honors Distinction can only be applied to one major, therefore, if you are double-majoring you will need to let your Honors advisor know which major you would like the Honors Distinction to be applied to.
  • The Honors Distinction cannot be obtained with an Associate's Degree.


Honors Bachelor's Degree

Honors students who complete 32 credits of Honors coursework and an Honors Thesis earn Idaho's only Honors Bachelor's Degree, and therefore a unique diploma. 

  • The Honors Degree requires:
    • 18 credits of Honors coursework achieved through the Honors Distinction
    • 2 Honors Seminars (HONS 3391, 1 credit each),
    • at least 6 credits of upper division Honors contract courses
      (3 of which may be thesis credits, HONS 4493),
    • additional Honors credits to total 32 credits,
    • and an Honors project or thesis (between 1-6 credits).
  • The Honors Degree is noted on the transcript, diploma, and at commencement.
  • The Honors Degree can only be applied to one major, therefore, if you are double-majoring you will need to let your Honors advisor know which major you would like the Honors Degree to be applied to.
  • The Honors Degree cannot be obtained with an Associate's Degree.

Please Note:  UHP Students are not formally assigned to the Honors Degree track until the student has enrolled in HONS 3393 or reached Junior class level (58+ credits completed).


Honors Checklist

Student Progress

Students admitted to the Honors Program must show evidence of continuous progress toward their degrees in order to remain an active UHP Student with access to all of the UHP benefits (e.g., priority registration, eligibility to apply for additional Honors scholarships). Refer to the UHP Student Handbook for additional details.

Continuous progress includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attendance at the Bi-Annual Honors Meeting (BAHM) every Fall and Spring semester.
  • Attending at least one UHP endorsed event (Civic Engagement Requirement)
  • First Year Honors students who accepted the Bennion/Leadership/Housing scholarships are expected to complete at least 12 Honors credits during their first two semesters in the UHP.  All other Honors students (e.g.; Transfer, Late Admit) are encouraged to complete Honors credits as their schedule and course requirements allow.

Learn More about Honors Curriculum and Courses



We are continually defining what it means to be an Honors student in an ever evolving program.  Part of this definition includes a strong sense of community service and involvement, in addition to a commitment to high academic standards.

As a means for ensuring good standing, Honors students (regardless of their program status) are expected to participate in at LEAST ONE Honors activity each semester of their undergraduate career at Idaho State University.  Opportunities are available through First Year Seminars, University Honors Program Club, Honors Envoy, Honors Mentors, and various university entities.  

Go to the Honors Events page to stay updated on events that fulfill the Civic Engagement Requirement.