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Idaho State University

About Honors

The University Honors Program at Idaho State University offers enriched educational experiences for bright, talented and ambitious undergraduate students.

As the only Honors Degree granting institution in Idaho, the University Honors Program provides you with opportunities for broader, deeper and more complex learning experiences, but the program is bigger than academics alone.

The University Honors Program offers you the following:

  • Priority registration throughout your college career
  • Small class sizes throughout the Honors curriculum
  • Undergraduate research and leadership opportunities
  • Undergraduate thesis development, not offered elsewhere on campus
  • Individualized advising
  • An active learning/living community on campus
  • Personal connections with Honors faculty to support your growth
  • Additional scholarships reserved for Honors students
  • Strong preparation for post-graduate studies
  • UHP Peer Mentors to aid in acclimation to college and the Honors Program
  • Numerous social and civic-engagement opportunities
  • A community that values and recognizes the whole person

Most Popular Colleges/Divisions

Honors students in colleges: 40% Science/engineering, 27% health science, 16% arts/letters, 10% education, 7% business, 1% technology

University Honors Program Mission and Goals

Honors Mission

As the only Honors Degree granting institution in Idaho, the University Honors Program at Idaho State University is a program for students who aspire to a more engaging and enriching collegiate experience. The program synthesizes the idea of a structured learning community within an interdisciplinary curriculum. Each class is fashioned into small cohorts and led by extremely dedicated and passionate professors who devote themselves to the development of their students.

As these learning cohorts progress through the curriculum together, they also participate in activities that engage the students and encourage them to learn together outside of the classroom. When these students transition into their major programs, they begin to participate in individual research projects working with professors in their disciplines.


The University Honors Program (UHP) is a research- and civic-engagement focused program that provides a transformative environment promoting intellectual curiosity, academic attainment, and the development of social consciousness.


The University Honors Program is a catalyst for academic innovation and the celebration of academic excellence for the UHP student.  In this academic learning community, the UHP seeks to inspire the academic culture at Idaho State University by providing a challenging and imaginative curriculum.  This includes opportunities for students and faculty members to participate in academic activities of the UHP along with pursuing their disciplinary scholarship, research involvement, and/or artistic interests.

Honors students will value knowledge at the broadest level while achieving distinction in their fields of study. They will be prepared for leadership in their chosen professions and will serve their communities as responsible local and global citizens.


The University Honors Program has these goals for student development:

1. Interdisciplinary Scholarship – the ability to integrate knowledge to express well-constructed insight and originality of thought through multidisciplinary courses and methodologies.

2.  Intellectual and Creative Engagement – using the appropriate methodology and theoretical framework that will include design, synthesis, and interdisciplinary research.

3.  Citizen Scholar – addressing real-world problems and finding ethical solutions, a process that culminates in reflective civic engagement, respect for diversity, and service-oriented action.

Student Learning Outcomes

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Learning Objectives

            a) Written and Oral Communication: synthesize and analyze information from a variety of sources to logically present ideas in order to effectively communicate with diverse individuals and groups.

            b)  Integrative Scholarship: integrate knowledge to express insight and originality of thought through disciplinary or multidisciplinary methodologies.

Intellectual and Creative Engagement Learning Objectives

            a) Research: engage in the creative process of formulating a hypothesis, researching those problems and drawing conclusions that lead to either original classroom assignments or larger faculty-mentored research projects resulting in contributions of scholarly work to each student’s chosen field of study.

            b) Critical Inquiry : ability to analyze new problems and situations and formulate informed opinions and conclusions.

Citizen Scholar Learning Objectives

            a) Civic Engagement: engage purposefully in leadership/service, mentorship and/or multi-cultural/intercultural activities within the Honors Program and Idaho State University.

            b) Citizenship: actively participate and collaborate as informed members of local and global communities.

Honors Degree Seeking Student Learning Outcomes

In additional to the learning objectives noted above, the University Honors Program has identified a set of specific outcomes for students who complete the Degree component of the Honors Program.  

Honors degree candidates will be able to:

a)  Write and publicly defend an Honors thesis of original research.

b) Conduct independent scholarly work of professional or near professional quality in their field.



Honors Program Events

Stay up to date on all the events you can attend to satisfy program Civic Engagement requirements.


Honors Program Events