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About Honors

The University Honors Program at Idaho State University offers enriched educational experiences for bright, talented and ambitious undergraduate students.

As the only Honors Degree granting institution in Idaho, the University Honors Program provides you with opportunities for broader, deeper and more complex learning experiences, but the program is bigger than academics alone. Honors offers you a living/learning community, leadership and civic engagement opportunities, individualized advising, undergraduate research, a group of committed scholars, and a community that values and recognizes the whole person.

The University Honors Program offers you the following upon acceptance:

  • Priority registration throughout your college career
  • Small class sizes throughout the Honors curriculum
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Undergraduate thesis development, not offered elsewhere on campus
  • An active learning/living community on campus
  • Personal connections with Honors faculty to support your growth
  • Additional scholarships reserved for Honors students
  • Strong preparation for post-graduate studies
  • UHP Peer Mentors to aid in acclimation to college and the Honors Program
  • Numerous social and civic-engagement opportunities

Honors students in colleges: 40% Science/engineering, 27% health science, 16% arts/letters, 10% education, 7% business, 1% technology

University Honors Program Mission and Goals

Honors Mission Statement

The University Honors Program (UHP) is dedicated to providing a rich university experience to intellectually gifted and highly motivated undergraduate students by promoting challenging academics, supporting a personalized collegiate environment, encouraging engagement and leadership beyond the classroom, and creating a community designed for academic, social, and cultural development. The UHP meets the academic and extracurricular needs of our students by helping them to become critical thinkers that are highly qualified, engaged in their community, and self motivated.  Thus, the UHP is a research and civic engagement focused program that provides a transformative environment promoting intellectual curiosity, academic attainment, and the development of social consciousness.

The University Honors Program believes in three core values that shape all of our courses, advising, programs, and resources:

  1.  Academic Attainment: students strive to attain goals that reflect their greatest potential and their unique set of interests and abilities.
  2.  Intellectual Curiosity:  students are motivated to deeply explore the disciplines and issues that most interest them.
  3.  Development of Social Consciousness:  students recognize the responsibilities of citizenship and understand how their knowledge and skills can be applied to benefit their communities.

By fulfilling the core values listed above, the UHP is able to accomplish the following four goals:

1.    Provide a challenging and imaginative curriculum.

2.    Prepare students for a post-graduate education through seminars, individual research, and one-on-one interaction with faculty.

3.    Foster a spirit of on-going inquiry and a love of learning.

4.    Engage in civic-minded projects and events.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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