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Honors Advisory Committee

The Honors Advisory Committee is based on the importance and power of shared leadership. Advisory committee members offer their experience, expertise, and effort to help strengthen University Honors Program decision-making processes, as well as promote the program throughout ISU and the community.

The Honors Advisory Committee makes recommendations on seminar course selections (HONS 3391), possible co-curricular programming, and vital decisions key to the success of Honors students and the program. Committee members help to elicit support, build understanding, and communicate information regarding the program to their colleagues in colleges and departments across ISU. Committee members are also encouraged to participate in faculty panels for various Honors courses and to attend Honors Thesis presentations as representatives of their respective colleges. The committee generally meets twice each semester.

The Honors Advisory Committee members include:

  • The Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (an ex officio member)
  • The University Honors Program Director
  • One University Honors Program Instructor/Coordinator
  • Two faculty representatives from the
    • College of Science and Engineering (CoSE)
    • College of Arts and Letters (CAL)
    • Kasiska Division of Health Sciences (KDH)
  • One faculty representative from the
    • College of Business (COB)
    • College of Education (COE)
    • College of Technology (COT)
  • Two Honors student representatives (one lower-classman and one upper-classman)

Faculty representatives are selected through a collaborative process based on input and nominations from college deans, department chairs, the Director of the UHP, and faculty interest in committee participation.
The term of service for each faculty member is three years with the possibility of renewal.
Students may serve for one year with the possibility of renewal.

The quorum for decisions requiring a formal vote is that of a simple majority, or 51% of the voting membership.

2023-2024 University Honors Program Advisory Committee

  • Kinta Serve - Biological Sciences (CoSE)
  • Brandon Peecook - Biological Sciences (CoSE)
  • Amanda Zink - Fine Arts and Humanities (CAL)
  • John Dudgeon - Social & Behavioral Sciences (CAL)
  • Jenifer Reader - Nutrition and Dietetics (KDH)
  • Cynthia Tillotson - Pharmacy (KDH)
  • Alex Bolinger - Management (COB)
  • Esther Ntuli - Teaching and Educational Studies (COE)
  • Rhonda Ward - Health Information Technician Program (COT)
  • Jacob Andrysiak - Instructor/Coordinator (UHP)
  • Jordan Mayo - UHP Student Representative
  • TBA - UHP Student Representative


University Honors Program Leadership


The University Honors Program Director holds a full-time tenured position in an academic department (currently held in the Department of Geosciences). The position is responsible for overseeing all administrative aspects of the program including course scheduling, student advising, recruitment, fundraising, and acts as a liaison between the University Honors Program and other university departments. The Director serves as the faculty advisor for the UHP Club and all Honors Degree-seeking students. The Director is knowledgeable concerning graduation requirements for all majors at ISU, including General Education requirements, and generally teaches one to two Honors courses per year. The Director manages all Honors course contracts and graduation checks.

This position is currently held by Dr. Shannon Kobs-Nawotniak, Ph.D. (Department of Geosciences). 


The Instructor/Coordinator position of the University Honors Program supports the Director in the academic and financial success of the program and the academic success of all Honors students. This position further teaches one to two Honors courses per semester. In addition, the Instructor/Coordinators manage student records, coordinate events, supervise Honors Envoys and Peer Mentors, develop engagement strategies, advise the UHP Club, and manage student recruitment.

This position is currently held by Connor Suddick, M.A., and Jacob Andrysiak, M.Ed. 

Academic Support

Academic Support is a part-time position with the University Honors Program. This position assists the Director and Coordinators with administrative tasks and student advising. Academic Support manages student records, maintains and updates the Honors website, manages the applications and admission process to the Honors Program, supervises an Honors Envoy, and provides data analysis.

This part-time position is currently held by Lori Tapanila, M.S.