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Honors Degree Courses


Honors students who are interested in pursuing an Honors Degree are encouraged to take the following courses.


Honors Thesis Information

What is an Honors Thesis?

The Honors Thesis (or Honors Project) may take many forms depending upon the discipline and field from which you are working.  It may be a research-based senior thesis or another discipline-appropriate project, and is typically completed during your senior year.

An Honors Thesis/Project may develop from work within a laboratory or work upon a stage. It may be creative in nature with inspiration from the arts, qualitative in nature with underpinnings in education, or quantitative in nature and based on scientific data. As with research at graduate levels, an Honors thesis conforms to the expectations of the department and field. Several of our recent graduates have parlayed their Honors Thesis research into peer-reviewed publications.

How do I get started on an Honors Thesis and find a Thesis Advisor?

Take HONS 3393!  HONS 3393 is specifically designed to prepare Honors students to develop, plan, and begin their Honors Thesis or Honors Project, select a thesis or project topic, identify a thesis advisor, begin scholarship review for the project or thesis, and develop a timeline for completing the project or thesis.

How do I present an Honors Thesis?

The completed thesis/project is presented in a public forum and defended before a committee, comprised of the major department faculty thesis advisor, another faculty member in the department, and the Director of the University Honors Program, or his/her designee. The public defense must include the entire committee and be scheduled no later than three weeks prior to the last day of Finals Week in the student's graduating semester. The complete thesis document should be provided to the committee via email two weeks prior to the defense.

Honors Degree and Thesis Resources

When you have decided to pursue an Honors Degree and have selected a Thesis Advisor, you and your Thesis Advisor must complete and submit an Honors Thesis Student Agreement to the Honors Director.

Funding for research materials and events is available every Fall and Spring semester.  Go to Research Funding Award for more information.