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Assessment Planning

Program Assessment Start-Up Kit (PDF Version)

ISU Assessment Start-up Kit

Getting Started

Learning Documents

Getting Started

Assessment Myths


Learning about Learning Outcomes: A Liberal Arts- by Professor Andrew A. Fort, Assesses Assessing in the Liberal Arts. Association of American Colleges & Universities.  

Association of American Colleges & Universities STEM Assessment

Step 1: Assessment Plans

Learning Documents

Assessment Plans

The Useful, Sensible, No-Frills Departmental Assessment Plan Barbara E. Walvoord, University of Notre Dame

Applying and Leading Assessment in Student Affairs Module 2: Assessment Planning. Assessment Plan Checklist Northern Colorado


A Brief Outline of the Assessment Planning Process Source: Cal Poly Academic Programs and Planning

Designing Assessment an Assessment Plan: Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

What is Good Assessment?: Linda Suskie. A Common Sense Approach to Assessment in Higher Education Blog

Step 2: Program Objectives/Goals

Learning Documents

Program Objectives


How To Write Goals: University of Connecticut

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes: DePaul University Teaching Commons

Step 3: Student Learning Outcomes & Curriculum Maps


Student Learning Outcomes: Good Practices: Washington State University Center for Teaching and Learning

Action Verbs for Learning Outcomes: Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University

NILOA Institutional Example of Student Learning Outcomes: Los Positas College


Additional Resources: Curriculum Maps

Step 4: Creating Signature Assignments & Activities


Creating Assignments: Eberly Center, Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University

General Assignment Design Good Practices:  Washington State University

Step 5: Writing and Using Rubrics

Learning Documents 



Creating and Using Rubrics:  Carnegie Mellon University, Eberly Center, Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

Writing Effective Rubrics: T. Brophy, University of Florida

Value Rubrics: American Association of Colleges & Universities

Rubrics: Berkley Center for Teaching and Learning

Designing Grading Rubrics: Brown University: The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Rubric Template: University of Delaware Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning.

Step 6: Collecting Assessment Data

Step 7: Organizing and Analyzing the Data

Learning Documents 

Using Data


Organizing Assessment Data for Analysis: Washington State University Office of Assessment, Teaching, and Learning

Analyzing Quantitative (Numeric) Assessment Data: Washington State University Office of Assessment, Teaching, and Learning

Analyzing Qualitative (Textual) Assessment Data: Washington State University Office of Assessment, Teaching, and Learning

Data Visualization: Larkin, M. J., & Larkin, G. R. (NILOA)

Step 8: Sharing and Using Results


Closing the Loop: California State University, Fullerton

Closing the Loop Strategies and Program Examples: University of Michigan Dearborn

Equity and Inclusion in Assessment

Office of Assessment Contact Info