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Stop the Clock Tenure Process and COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for faculty pursuing tenure. In recognition of this, ISU has identified COVID-19 as an “exceptional case” under ISUPP 4020 (Promotion and Tenure). As a result, Idaho State University will offer automatic approval for all faculty who request a Stop-the-Clock tenure deferral (adding one additional year to the current tenure clock) due to COVID-19 circumstances. No additional information is necessary other than a notification based on COVID-19 impacts.

ISUPP 4020 V.D.2 states, “In certain exceptional cases a faculty member may petition for extension of the timeline for tenure due to extenuating circumstances (as provided in Board Policy II.G.6.d.4.b).” Exceptional cases are defined by the ISU policy as unforeseen research-related difficulties; family emergencies; illness; childbirth; unforeseen emergency; operational impacts on the unit housing the faculty member resulting in significant workload readjustment; or other extenuating circumstances. The following process allows for a streamlined Stop-the-Clock request for COVID circumstances; all other Stop-the-Clock requests should follow the process as outlined in ISUPP 4020.

Who is Eligible?

How to request an extension?

When do faculty need to request an extension?

Who should faculty contact with questions?