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Procedures for Faculty Annual Evaluations

Using Activity Insight

The Idaho State Board of Education requires all Idaho institutions to complete an annual evaluation for each faculty member. All tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty (0.5 FTE or more) must be evaluated each year by their department chair or unit head.  

The evaluation period is for the previous calendar year (i.e., spring, summer and fall terms) and is due to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs by the due dates established in the Academic Calendar.

Activity Insight from Digital Measures is a hosted, online, electronic software program to create an expanded CV for faculty. It is used to collect, organize and build reports on faculty’s teaching, research and service activities.

Activity Insight is a customizable software solution used by more than 1,500 campuses in more than twenty-five countries.

This system not only enables you to track your faculty activity, it makes this process much easier. The information needs to be entered just once, and from that single entry many reports can then be generated, including the annual faculty evaluation, grants and accreditation documents, a curriculum vitae and more.

Activity Insight will also assist the Office of Institutional Research in responding to requests for faculty-related data, rather than needing to continually ask you or your chair and dean for the information. This will, ultimately, enable us to better communicate about your accomplishments.

What we want to stress is that if you enter the information into this system one time (with updates and/or corrections as needed), we will not need to ask for it again.