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University Assessment Review Committee (UARC)

The University Assessment Review Committee (UARC) contributes greatly to creating a culture of assessment.  It was established in May 2017 and is chaired by the Vice Provost for Faculty Success and Instruction. Members, who represent both faculty and student affairs constituencies, meet monthly and as part of subcommittees. 

UARC members provide expertise to support data collection and analysis, and through Academic Affairs, the group implements solutions.

Additionally, UARC is supporting the implementation of new assessment software by 

  • evaluating its capabilities
  • identifying volunteers for pilot projects
  • gathering feedback and concerns from programs

UARC MEMBERS 2023-2024

Member Name




Karen Appleby

Academic Affairs



Shu-Yuan Lin

Provost Fellow in Assessment



Debbie Ronneburg

College of Technology

208-282-2602 debraronneburg@isu.edu

Emma Wood

College of Education

208-282-5443 emmawood@isu.edu

John Gribas

College of Arts and Letters


Daniel Kim

College of Business

208-282-2934 danielkim@isu.edu

Iris Buder

College of Business

208-282-3979 irisbuder@isu.edu

Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

College of Science and Engineering



Marvin Sparrell

College of Health Professions & Meridian

208-373-1742 marvinsparrell@isu.edu

Ellen Rogo

College of Health

208-282-3017 ellenrogo@isu.edu

Tayna Ostrogorcky

College of Pharmacy 208- 282-2175 tanyaostrogorsky@isu.edu

Tracy Collum

Graduate School

208-282-3140 tracycollum@isu.edu

Steven Hall

Academic Success and Advancement Programs

208-282-3662 stevenhall@isu.edu

Lisa Kidder

Instructional Technology Resource Center

208-282-2502 lisakidder@isu.edu
Joanne Tokle

GERC Chair

208-282-2934 joannetokle@isu.edu