Strategic Plan

ISU utilizes its Vision, Mission, Core Themes and Strategic Plan as the master plan to align the Institution’s academic, financial and other planning initiatives.

2018-2022 Strategic Plan- Action Plan Development

Action Plan Class

    ISU Action Plan Development Class

Objective 1-Grow Enrollment

     Strategic Objective 1 Project Action Team Membership

     Brainstorming and Priority Selection Objective 1 (3-14-2017)

 Approved Action Plans

     Action Plan 1.1 Presentation

Objective 2-Strengthen Retention

    Strategic Objective 2 Project Action Team Membership

    ISU Idaho Resident Student Retention-Attrition

    ISU Action Plan 2 Retention Presentation

    ISU Strategic Plan Action Plan Objective 2 Brainstorming Results

Approved Action Plans

    Action Plan 2.2 Presentation

Objective 3-Promote ISU's Identity

    Strategic Objective 3-Project Action Team Membership

    Strategic Objective 3- Action Plan Brainstorming Results (3-14-2017)

Approved Action Plans

    Action Plan 3.1 Presentation

Objective 4-Strengthen Communication, Transparency, and Inclusion

     Beginning Development October 2017

Objective 5-Enhance Community Partnerships

    ISU Strategic Action Plan Team 5 Membership

    ISU Action Plan Objective (Community) Brainstorming Results

 Approved Action Plans

    Action Plans 5.1 & 5.3 Presentation



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