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Master of Science in Geology with Emphasis in Environmental Geosciences

Students who wish their master's degree to contain the added designation With Emphasis in Environmental Geoscience, need to take an addition 9 credits in approved environmental graduate-level classes. Courses in related sciences and engineering disciplines may be included. Also, an amended program of study, approved by your graduate committee  needs to be filed with the Graduate School. 

If you are interested in a Graduate Assistantship or Research Assistantship please submit your application by January 15th.  For more information regarding assistantships please visit the graduate school.

Please contact Geosciences Graduate Program Director Glenn Thackray for more information
Department of Geosciences Graduate Student Handbook
Geosciences Graduate Catalog 

The program may include but is not limited to the following areas:

  • surface and ground-water hydrology

  • environmental geochemistry

  • surficial geological processes

  • geomorphology

  • volcanic, earthquake and other geologic hazards

  • environmental geophysics

  • assessment and remediation of hazardous waste sites

  • Neogene and Quaternary geology.


To be considered for graduate school a bachelor degree or higher must have been earned from a college or university, regionally accredited in the United States, or its equivalent from a school in another country.

To be considered for scholarships, please submit your application, transcript and test scores by February 15th (Fall Entry) or November 1st (Spring Entry).

Application Requirements

  • Online Application Form (you will be required to create an account)

  • Fee to apply ($60 non-refundable)

  • GRE scores are not required

  • Your Transcripts

  • A Letter of intent

  • Statement of goals (Motivation for graduate school and your long term career goals)

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation

Courses Required

For more information on this programs course requirements, go to Geosciences Graduate Catalog and scroll down to Master of Science in Geology with Emphasis in Environmental Geosciences.