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The "Digital Mapping and Research Laboratory" (DML), is primarily devoted to the success of graduate and undergraduate students using computer facilities in combination with faculty and staff assistance and collaboration with other students.

There are two labs really. The teaching lab is available for all geology majors when not in use as a classroom. The research lab is laid out for research with workstations located around the room and with specialized software as needed for specific projects.

Software available on computers as well as Microsoft Office Suite, ArcMap, ENVI, Vulcan, etc.

There are printers, scanners, digital cameras, portable LCD projectors, laptops, and a large format printer for posters. Much of the equipment is available for temporary check out by geology faculty and students as needed for classes, research, field trips and presentations.

Digital Mapping Laboratory and Classroom

Computer classroom for GIS and remote sensing classes

Computer Classroom

This computer laboratory is equipped with dual screen monitor workstations with software for GIS, remote sensing, and other classes. This lab is available for all geology majors when not in use as a classroom.

Digital Mapping Laboratory is a research laboratory for students and geologic mapping applications

Digital Mapping Lab

The research lab has dual monitor workstations equipped with software for mapping, visualizations, statistics, etc. Software as required for specific projects is available.

Teid Reid lab dedication with his family

Ted Reid Dedication

The "DML" is dedicated to Ted Reid a former student in GIS and geology. Ted was interested in computer applications in geology, particularly Geographic Information Systems (GIS).