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Idaho State University home


Admissions Visitors Center

Phone: 208-282-2123

Email: info@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/future


Admissions Visitors Center - Meridian

Dana Gaudet

Enrollment and Student Services

1311 E. Central Dr.

Phone: 208-373-1798

Email: beecdan2@isu.edu


Central Academic Advising

Museum Building, Room 307

Phone: 208-282-3277

Email: advinfo@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/advising/  


Academic Advising - Idaho Falls

University Place - Bennion Center

Bennion SUB Room 202

Phone: 208-282-7800


Career Center

Museum Building, Room 418

Phone: 208-282-2380

Email: careers@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/career


CTE Advanced Opportunities

Tom Putnam, Program Coordinator

Phone: 208-282-4663

Email: putntho2@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/cteadvancedopportunities/


College of Technology Student Services

Roy F. Christensen Complex

Phone: 208-282-2622

Email: ctech@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/ctech


Counseling and Testing Center

Graveley Hall South, Room 351

Phone: 208-282-2130

Eli M. Oboler Library

9th & Terry

Phone 208-282-2958



Financial Aid

Museum Building, Room 337

Phone: 208-282-2756

Email: finaidem@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/library


Information Technology Service Desk

Business Administration, Basement

Phone: 208-282-4357

Email: help@isu.edu

Website: isu.edu/its/need-help/service-desk/  


Office of the Registrar

Museum Building, Room 319

Phone: 208-282-2661

Email: reginfo@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/registrar


Parking Office

Public Safety Building, Room 27

5th & Humboldt

Phone: 208-282-2625

Email: parking@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/parking



Museum Building, Room 327

Phone: 282-3315

Email: scholar@isu.edu

Website: www.isu.edu/scholarships


Student Success Center

Tutoring Services

Rendezvous, Room 323

Phone: 208-282-3662

Email: success@isu.edu

Website:  www.isu.edu/success/