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Student Information

High school students are strongly encouraged to consult with their high school counselor or the Early College Program Coordinator before enrolling in any courses. Future college application, admission, and intended fields of study should also be considered in your discussion to ensure proper course selection.

General Education and Elective Courses

Some ISU Objective (general education) courses are common to all majors, such as English composition, while other majors have specific requirements that fulfill both general education and a specific degree plan. Students, whenever possible, should take courses that count towards fulfillment of both their general education requirement and a program of study. Degree plans for some majors include a very limited number of elective credits. At ISU, a minimum of 120 credit hours are necessary for a bachelor's degree. For additional information please see General Education Requirements 2022-2023      

Student Responsibilities                       

  • Discuss enrollment options with parent, ECP Staff and/or high school counselor
  • Take ACT/SAT/ ALEKS placement tests if needed
  • Apply to the Early College Program and submit consent form
  • Register online through my.isu.edu
  • Apply for Fast Forward funding
  • Pay fees for dual credit courses not covered by Fast Forward through my.isu.edu by appropriate deadline NOTE: ISU does not send out bill for registration fees
  • Purchase textbooks and materials, if required.
  • Inform instructor if accommodations are needed - contact ISU Disability Services at 208-282-3599 for assistance
  • Check ISU email regularly for announcements
  • Study - It is recommended that you study 2-3 hours a week outside of class for every 1 credit hour registered
  • Drop or withdraw from a dual credit course by the deadline if:  

               a) decide not to take the course for college credit

               b) transferred out of the high school class

               c) transferred to another high school

Note: No refunds are given for withdrawals. Students who do not withdraw and/or fail to complete the course will likely receive a failing grade for the class, which will become part of their permanent college academic record. Withdrawal deadlines are strictly enforced


It is important to remember that Early College students are also Idaho State University students and will be held to the academic policies of the university, including academic integrity and dishonesty policies. ISU college credits and grades earned will be recorded on permanent college transcripts.


Academic Integrity       

Academic integrity is expected of all students. Academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, is unacceptable. Please see ISU's Policies and Procedures on Student Conduct for more information.      

CHEATING is using or attempting to use materials, information or study aids that are not permitted by the instructor in examinations or other academic work.          

PLAGIARISM is representing another person's words, ideas, data or work as one's own.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) grants privacy rights to any students enrolled in a college-level course regardless of their age. ISU shall obtain written consent from students before disclosing any non-directory information from their educational records. Students wishing to restrict release of directory information should submit a Non-Disclosure Declaration to the university. Please refer to our Registrar's FERPA website for additional information.       


Transferring ISU Credits

Credits earned at Idaho State University can be transferred to other colleges and universities and may be applied toward degree completion. All Idaho institutions of higher education, as well as most accredited colleges and universities accept ISU credits. Students are encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding the transferability of credits earned, prior to registering for the course. The Registrar's Office at other institutions have transfer guides available to see how ISU courses will transfer to their school. To see how your credits will transfer to other Idaho institutions visit the Course Transfer Guide  When transferring to another institution, students are required to submit all transcripts, regardless of grade received.