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Faculty Liaison/Mentor Responsibilities

The quality of the Early College Program is heavily dependent on the active participation of the faculty liaison. Idaho State University academic department faculty liaisons will receive compensation per high school teacher they work with in providing curriculum oversight and support. 

The primary responsibilities of the faculty liaison are as follows:

  • Communicate department information each semester to high school teachers. Include high school teachers in department correspondence, listserv, academic notices and general information.
  • Visit high school teachers on-site when first approved and at least every two years following the initial visit or work with teachers in on-campus department meetings.
  • Communicate at least once per month via email or phone.
  • Be available to make arrangements for presentation of discipline-specific lectures on-site to concurrent enrollment students.
  • Provide guidance concerning grading policies of the department.
  • Discuss the college experience with high school students. This may be done when faculty visits the high schools or when high school students visit our campus.
  • Supply high school teachers with current sample syllabi, sample exams and other course materials.
  • Supply high school teachers with desk copies of current textbooks, if available.
  • Assist high school teachers/school districts in selecting department approved textbooks when asked for input.
  • Request and review course syllabi annually.
  • Plan and assist with annual Early College Program instructor (professional development) training at least every other year for in-service workshops on course integrity, grading standards and other appropriate topics.
  • Submit Professional Development tracking form with agenda and materials for all professional development activities provided for ECP instructors to the Early College Program per NACEP requirement.
  • Assist Early College Program with new course orientation when needed to orient new instructors to discipline specific course.
  • Submit Professional Development tracking form with agenda and materials for course orientation provided for new ECP instructors to the Early College Program per NACEP requirement.
  • Assist Early College staff with department tours when teachers/students visit campus.
  • Submit liaison report forms on each of your assigned teachers to both the Early College Program and your immediate supervisor.
  • Coordinate with department chair in guiding high school instructors on assessment of general education learning competencies.

Additional responsibilities for Faculty Liaison Mentors:

Faculty Liaison Mentors will have oversight for ECP instructors who are participating in the ECP Waiver Program (working on a Master’s degree in lieu of receiving a stipend for teaching dual credit courses). A Faculty Liaison Mentor will have the same responsibilities of a faculty liaison (as listed above) as well as these additional oversight and mentoring responsibilities to include but not be limited to:

  • Minimum of 2 site visits per length of the course term
  • Site visit reports for all site visits
  • Monthly communication with the instructor during the course term • Participate in the discipline specific orientation of new instructor
  • Approve course syllabi prior to starting courses