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Instructor Waiver Program

The intent of this program is to provide tuition assistance and academic support to high school certified instructors pursuing a master's degree in their Idaho endorsed content area. In lieu of a stipend, certificated instructors will receive a tuition waiver for six graduate credits toward a master's degree in the area of certification. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Teach at an Idaho High School
  2. Teach at minimum 1 college course(s) which meets a General Education requirement


  1. Fill out Early College Instructor Tuition Waiver Intent Form
  2. Instructor will meet with ECP Director regarding eligibility and waiver requirements
  3. Apply and be accepted to ISU's Graduate School/Program
  4. Instructor submits ECP Course Request Application to ECP Director before May 1;                  
  5. notification of approved will be sent by the ECP Director via email as well as an official approval letter. Cohort approvals are for the upcoming academic year

 Cost Information

  1. Waiver is in lieu of stipend
  2. Graduate credit cost is $504.97*/credit (2020-2021) *Subject to change
  3. Instructor will be responsible for course fees, textbooks, award taxes

Institutional Support

  1. ECP staff will provide program assistance for all scheduled academic terms for which this instructor will be teaching. This includes but is not limited to classroom visits for registration purposes.
  2. A faculty liaison mentor from the department will be assigned to perform site visits and oversight of the course(s) being taught.

 Participant Responsibilities

  • Participant will work towards 1) completion of a master’s degree program in the discipline for which he/she would like to teach dual credit courses OR 2) completion of eighteen (18) graduate credits in the discipline he/she would like to teach dual credit courses with a previously earned master's degree in another discipline.

  • Participant is expected to complete a minimum of six (6) credits per academic year (Fall, Spring, or Summer) in order to continue to teach a dual credit course(s) the following academic year.

  • Participant is expected to be in good academic standing with the respective program/department and graduate school.

  • Participant course tuition will be covered, in lieu of a stipend, for six (6) academic credits per year. Any other fees, requirements, or award taxes will be at the expense of the participant.

  • Participant is required to teach at least one (1) department approved college course section each academic year within the discipline he/she is pursuing credentialing.

  • Participant is required to collaborate with the faculty liaison mentor, which would include scheduling observation site visits, potential collaboration projects, and staying in compliance with department and Early College Program requirements. 

  • Participant will comply with Early College Program instructor requirements including completing both a discipline specific orientation training and an administrative orientation training.

  • Participant will complete annual discipline specific professional development, a NACEP accreditation requirement, with their respective department.

  • Should Participant become non-compliant with any of these terms, he/she will no longer be eligible to participate in the Instructor Waiver Program and no longer be eligible to teach dual credit courses through the Early College Program at Idaho State University.

Intent to Participate

If you are interested in participating in the Instructor Waiver Program and work toward earning a Masters degree through Idaho State University in order to teach dual credit courses at your high school., please fill out the  Early College Instructor Tuition Waiver Intent Form.  

For further information you can contact the Early College Program Director, Chelsie Rauh, at chelsierauh@isu.edu