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Course Completion Contract

As Stated on The Idaho State University undergraduate Catalog, "An incomplete grade,I, may be awarded only as a final grade and only at the discretion of the instructor,. To be eligible for an incomplete grade a student must have satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the course."

  • The instructor must complete a Course Completion Contract with the student that stipulate the assignment(s) required to finish the course and the allowable time period.
  • No student will be allowed more than one year to complete the required assignments(s).  Seniors must complete required assignments before they graduate.
  • Both the student and the instructor must sign the contract, a copy of which is to be given to the student, the instructor retains a copy, and a copy is sent to the Early College Program. 
  • Upon the student's timely satisfaction of the Course Completion Contract, the instructor will fill out a Change of Grade Form and sent it to the Early College Program.

Students should NOT re-register for a course in which an incomplete grade has been assigned.  If the Registrar does not receive a Change of Grade Form within a -one-year period following the recording of the Incomplete, the Registrar will automatically convert the incomplete to the grade entered when the instructor first gave the incomplete. 

Please print out the Course Completion Contract and submit to the Early College Program when it has been completed.