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Admission to the Early College Program

All high school students who are interested in taking dual credit courses through Idaho State University must be admitted to the Early College Program before they can register for classes. In order to be admitted students must submit an online application and a consent form. Students only need to apply and submit a consent form the first time they take dual credit courses from ISU.

How to Apply to the Early College Program

  1. Go to the Early College Application page and click the Application button.
  2. Application (all items marked with a red asterisk are required):

    Entry Term: Select the term that your dual enrollment course begins (NOT when you plan to enroll after high school). Choose “FALL” if your course starts at the beginning of the school year (including Trimester 2), choose “SPRING” if your course begins spring semester or Trimester 3.

    Student Type:Early College-Taking college courses while in high school

    Academic Program: Early College Academic or PTE Advanced Opportunities (PTE is for students taking Technical Dual Credit only, when in doubt use Early College)

    Personal Section: Note: if your mail is delivered to a P.O. Box, please enter this instead of a street address

    Demographics:  You will need your SSN (or LPN & Visa Type) if you correctly know them, Click Save & Continue

    High School Information:  Please complete by typing the name of your high school. Select your high school from the select organization drop down menu and click select and enter your  started and graduation month and year. 

    Certification & Signature You will select yes to the certification questions, select your security questions and sign your application.  Click “Submit Application” 

  3. Do not fill out multiple Applications. If you want to make sure we received your Application please call the front desk at (208)282-6067 for us to see if you have submitted the application or not. 
  4. Complete the Dual Credit Student-Parent/Guardian Consent Form using DocuSign.  (Required) This is found on the Early College Program website under forms. A print and Spanish version are also available. If you are over 18 or your parent's do not an email address, please use the print version of the consent form.

 For assistance with the application process please call the Early College Program office at 208-282-6067.