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Student Conduct

Storm day on Quad

Idaho State University is committed to responding to student misconduct in a fair, consistent and educational manner while reaffirming principles of community.

We seek to resolve conflict through active communication designed to better understand motives, intentions, attitudes, beliefs and emotions.  Through negotiation, mediation and peace-building we embrace restorative justice principles with a focus on rehabilitation, reconciliation with victims and the community at large.  When appropriate victims take an active role and offenders are encouraged to accept responsibility.

Student learning and developmental outcomes:

  • Will promote a safe, healthy, student-centered and inclusive community
  • Will promote an understanding of personal responsibility and peer accountability
  • Will encourage reflection regarding how students behavior impacts themselves, peers and the larger community
  • Will enable students to address conflicts in a safe, respectful and socially conscious manner
  • Will develop an understanding and appreciation of the principles of restorative justice
  • Will serve to educate the campus community about student rights and responsibilities
  • Will promote collaboration with faculty, staff and students with regard to student conduct




Student Policies:                                  

Resource Guides:



Academic Dishonesty Resources

Academic Integrity and Dishonesty Policy


Scholastic Appeals

Scholastic Appeals Petition

Please refer to the Scholastic Appeals Policy on page 13 of the Student Handbook.

For all other complaints/grievances: A student should first attempt to resolve the complaint informally by meeting with the University instructor and/or official responsible for the rule, policy, procedure, or decision that results in the student’s complaint or grievance.