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Other Services

The Dean of Students Office is here to help students navigate any challenges they face. These include the following:

Emergency Absence Notification

When we are made aware of an emergency that prevents a student from contacting their instructors directly, the Office of the Dean of Students may send an Emergency Absence Notification on their behalf.  This notification is meant to inform instructors of the student’s unanticipated absence due to extenuating circumstances, such as

  • Acute medical or mental health emergencies 

  • Family crises

  • Safety-related concerns

  • Other major, unexpected situations that prevent the student from attending class and/or competing class assignments/projects

We include the student on all of our instructor notifications so they know what is being shared, which can be as little or as much information as the student is comfortable with. While our notification can help instructors receive timely notification about a student’s absence and provide verification of the seriousness of the situation, any response and/or accommodation is at the discretion of the instructor.

NOTE: Students should be sure to review their course syllabi for attendance policies and communicate their absences directly to their instructors as soon as they are able to discuss meeting any academic obligations. The Office of the Dean of Students cannot excuse students from classes or coursework nor does it have authority over instructor attendance or grading policies.

Non-Academic Complaints/Grievances

If a student has a complaint or grievance about a non-academic policy, procedure, or decision, the following steps should be followed to work toward resolution:

    1. The student should first meet with the University official responsible for the policy, procedure, or decision. 

    2. If the issue remains unresolved after the first meeting, the student should next meet with the University official’s supervisor.

    3. If, after that meeting, the issue is still unresolved, the student may appeal the decision, in writing, to the Vice President for Student Affairs who shall have ten (10) business days to investigate and render a decision in writing on the student’s complaint/grievance.

The Vice President for Student Affairs may elect to meet with the student or may decide the merits of the case based on the written appeal. This is the final appeal at the University level.

Student Background Checks

The Dean of Students Office also completes student background checks for potential employers, graduate school or other entities requesting student conduct records.  Students will need to sign a release of information to enable our office to complete the request.