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Grading & Moodle

For 0 credit labs, the points accumulated in laboratory are scaled to 25% of the final grade for the full course.

For 1 credit labs, letter grades are awarded separately from lecture.

Weekly lab assignments, quizzes, and exams must be graded and returned to the students the following week:

  • These are forms of assessment that the instructor and student use to help them tailor their approaches to teaching and learning.
  • For those students that do not turn in an assignment, enter a zero (0) for every grade item that was not turned in each week including those in the 'Extra Points' section.

Mid-term (labs 1-7) and Final (all) lab grades will be calculated each semester:

  • Assignments for labs 1-7 must be entered into Moodle by the Monday of Mid-term week
  • Assignments for all labs must be entered by the Monday of Finals week.