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General Grading

  • Grade systematically - grade the same page of an assignment or the same question for all students.  This alleviates some grading inconsistencies that can be caused by grading fatigue and bias.  
  • Use ink to mark, in a color other than that used in the assignment.
  • Mark an "X" or slash mark through blank spaces.
  • Double check addition and the mark given.
  • Avoid the temptation to edit the paper for the student.
  • Give students enough information to guide them with improvements for subsequent assignments.
  • Do not make sarcastic or rude comments.
  • Feedback needs to be specific.
  • Remember positive as well as constructive criticism.
  • Draw attention to areas that need further explanation or work.
  • If you are repeating the same comments on all student’s papers, consider making a summary sheet of ways to improve student performance for the entire class.
  • Keep a duplicate copy of all student records.