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Registration Guidance

A student must take lecture and lab concurrently each time they take the 1101/L and 1102/L full courses or only the first time they take the 2227/L and 2233/L full courses.  Therefore, a student must be fully registered (not wait-listed) for open seats in both lecture and lab to ensure the student meets the corequisite requirement.  Students must plan their schedule so that it conforms to available lecture/lab sections.  A student should not register for the lecture or lab if the days/times won't work with their other scheduled classes.

Students must register for an open lecture AND an open lab section simultaneously.  Once they have fully registered for both lecture and lab, they will have the ability to wait-list themselves on a preferred lab section. 

If both the lecture and all lab sections are full, students can wait-list themselves for the lecture and preferred lab section simultaneously.  However, an open seat would need to become available in both lecture/lab at the same time in order for a student to register.

Please read the procedures below for each course: