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Mandatory Responsibilities (1-12)

Adjunct, GTA, and CPI instructor contracts are 18 weeks long; summer session teaching appointments are 4 to 8 weeks long. It is contractually expected that instructors;  teach all the labs they are on contract for, grade all assignments, attend instructor meetings, proctor exams, and participate in tutoring/office hours.

Be prepared for and attend the instructor meetings each week:
A. Take the training quizzes (if required).
B. Study all lab content made available to you before attending your meeting.
C. Prepare your lesson plan, presentation, assigned seating chart, and quizzes (if required).
2. Foster a comfortable learning environment. Study the content on:
A. Learning environments
B. Student behavior
C. ISU Student Assistance Guide
Understand and maintain safety:
A. Laboratory safety and Lab maintenance
B. Campus safety
4. Participate in laboratory set up and maintenance during the instructor meetings and during your assigned lab sections.
5. Learn about grading and use Moodle as a grade book to enter assignment grades in a timely manner.
6. Review the stockroom policies and procedures.
7. Learn about and use the laboratory technology correctly.
8. Review the information about:
A. Important departmental lab contacts
C. Registration
9. Arrive at your assigned lab section at least 10 minutes before the start time and be fully prepared to guide your students through the lab activities.
10. Hold tutoring/office hours BY APPOINTMENT in LS 208 and proctor one to two exams per semester.
11. Take the Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminar (BIOL 5514) during the Fall semester of your first teaching assignment.
12. Contact the department chair and associate chair if you are unable to teach your lab section due to an illness.  All other reasons must be approved by the department chairs, the lecture instructors, and the lab coordinator.

 Updated: 11/15/2022