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Models & Mounts

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Model TypeQuantity 
Head & Brain    
Homo sapiens sapiens skull - Modern human   3  
Base of Head and Brain 10-Part 1 SOMSO  
Half Head With Musculature Median Section 1 3B Scientific 
Head Median and Frontal Section 1 3B Scientific  
Half of head   1 SOMSO
Deluxe Brain 2-Parts  1 SOMSO  
Proportions of the Dura Mater (head) BS 2 1 SOMSO
Disarticulated Skull in 14 Pieces - Color Version QS 8/3 1 SOMSO
Artificial Temporal Bone QS 8/53 1 SOMSO
Bone & Muscle    
Skeletal Muscle Fiber  1 Walter Products/Altay 
Muscle Fiber (10,000 Times)  1 3B Scientific  
Bone Structure 1 3B Scientific
Fifth Cervical Vertebra Model with Spinal Cord and Origin of Nerves 1 SOMSO
Spinal Cord Segment Model 0165-00 1 Denoyer-Geppert
Thoracic Vertebrae with Enlarged Spinal Cord 1 Axis Scientific
Fifth Cervical Vertebra- 7x Life Siz BS 30 1 SOMSO 
Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso (31 Parts) 1 3B Scientific 
Leg Muscle (9 Parts) 1 3B Scientific
Muscled Arm (7 Parts) and Leg Musculature 1 Axis Scientific
Functional Knee Joint   1 SOMSO  
Human Testicle 1 Eisco Labs 
Male Genital Organs MS 3 1 SOMSO
Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes Model with Stages of Fertilization 1 3B Scientific 
Median Section Of The Female Pelvis  1 SOMSO  
Fertilization and Development of the Human Ovum Until the Third Month MS 15 1 Nova Scientific Company
Skin Series With Burn Pathologies, 75x Magnified Denoyer-Geppert  
Skin (3 Parts) 1 3B Scientific
Human Kidney, Nephron and Renal Corpuscle 1 Altay
Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus LS 9 1 SOMSO
Liver and Gallbladder Anatomical Model 1 Denoyer-Geppert
Digestive System (3 Parts) 1 3B Scientific
Digestive System (20 Times) 1 3B Scientific
Liver Microanatomy 1 3B Scientific
Lung Model with Larynx (7 Parts)   1 3B Scientific  
Lung and Respiratory System (7 Parts) 1 Axis Scientific  
Heart with Conducting System  1 SOMSO  
Circulatory System 2 Axis Scientific   
Artery & Vein Microanatomy 1 3B Scientific



Model TypeQuantity 
Pan troglodytes skull - Chimpanzee male 1 BC03
Pan troglodytes skull - Chimpanzee female 1 BC03
Pan troglodytes Articulated Rigid foot - Chimpanzee
1 ZoS53/122 
Gorilla gorilla skull
1 ZoS50 
Homo neanderthalis skull - Site and date of finding: La Chapelle aux Saints (Dordogne France), 1908. Age: middle Upper Pleistocene (Wuerm glacial), approx. 40,000 - 70,000 years old. The upper dental arcade and the lower jaw have been reconstructed and adapted after the original find. The estimated age of this find is also 40,000 - 70,000 years.  2 S3
Homo sapiens skull - An example of the Cromagnon man. Site and date of finding: Predmost (North Moravia, Czechoslovakia), 1884 - 1928. Age: Top upper pleistocene, 25.000 years.  2 S4
Homo heidelbergensis skull - Site and date of finding: Steinheim an der Murr, north of Stuttgart, 1933. Age: Middle-Pleistocene, Mindel-Riss or Holstein Interglacial Period, approx. 250.000 years.  2 S11
Australopithecus africanus skull - Site and date of finding: Sterkfontein (Transvaal, South-Africa), 1947. Stratum of finding: "member 4" (formerly: lower breccia). Age: lower pliocene, approx. 2.5 - 3.0 million years. Set of teeth and lower jaw have been reconstructed with the aid of other original finds.  3 S5
Homo habilis skull - Site and date of finding: Olduvai Gorge, region DK 1, east, 1968. Age: approx. 1.85 million years, Pliocene.  2 S3/
Homo erectus skull - Site and date of finding: Sangiran (Central Java), 1936 and 1939. Stratum of finding: Djetis formation. Age: lower pleistocene, less than 1.9 million years.  2 S2
Homo sapiens sapiens skull - Modern human 3 CS20
Paranthropus boisei  skull - Site and date of finding: Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania, East Africa), 1959. Stratum of finding: bottom bed I Olduvai. Age: Lower pleistocene, approx. 1.7 million years. The lower jaw was reconstructed after an original finding near Peninj (Tanzania, near Natron Lake) in 1964: estimated age approx. 1.7 million years.  2 S1
Proconsul africanus skull - Site and date of finding: Rusinga Island, Kenya, East-Africa, 1948. Age: approx. 20 million years (early Miocene).  2 S5/1
Primate evolution tree diagram

Other Animals

Model TypeQuantity 
Comparative hearts plastomount (fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal) 2  
Comparative brains plastomount (fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal) 2  
Feather diversity Riker mount 2  
Sponge diversity biosmount 1  
Ctenophore 5  
Cockroach life cycle plastomount  3  
Frog life cycle plastomount   3  
Perch plastomount 2  
Perch skeleton 3  
Lamprey biosmount  2  
Squid plastomount  2  
Rat plastomount 2  
Pigeon plastomount 2  
Starfish plastomount  1  



Model TypeQuantity 
General plant anatomy (3 X 2 ft) 1 Bobbit Laboratories 
Monocot stem cross-section (3 ft triangle)  1 Denoyer-Geppert 
Eudicot flower anatomy (2 x 2 ft) 1 Somso
Eudicot and conifer development (3 X 1 ft) 1 Somso