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Teaching Schedules Fall 2020

Teaching appointments begin August 10 and end December 4, and include the 14 weeks of classes, the week before classes begin, fall break, and finals week. Beginning the first week of classes, Lab Instructor Tutoring & Office Hours must be held using this Zoom link during your scheduled hour each week through November 20.

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Instructor Meetings    |    Past Schedules

Updated: 08/24/2020

Instructor Meetings
1100L Wednesdays 10:00 am LS 122
1101L Fridays Noon & 1:00 pm LS 262/263
1102L Mondays 2:00 pm & 3:00 pm LS 261
Biology 1100L

Pocatello - LS 122

01 Thursday 1pm-2:50pm Camille Hanson (UGTA) 
02 Thursday 7pm-8:50pm Ryan Whitworth 
03 Friday  10am-12:50pm  Ryan Whitworth 
04 Friday  1pm-2:50pm Ryan Whitworth 
Biology 1101L

Pocatello - LS 263 (unless otherwise indicated), Idaho Falls - CHE 107 

1 (262) Tuesday  11am-1:50pm Alyssa Freeman
Tuesday  12pm-2:50pm Camdon Kay 
3 (262) Tuesday  2pm-4:50pm Alyssa Freeman 
Tuesday 3pm-5:50pm  Alex Wooding
Tuesday  7pm-9:50pm  Camdon Kay
7 (262)  Wednesday  8am-10:50am Alex Wooding
8 Wednesday 9am-11:50am Xavier Jenkins
9 (262) Wednesday  12pm-2:50pm  Corina Sanchez
10 Wednesday  1pm-3:50pm  Paige Miller 
11 (262)  Wednesday  4pm-6:50pm  Troy Tetreault 
12  Wednesday  6pm-8:50pm 

Makenzie Kohler (UGTA) 

15 (262)  Thursday  1pm-3:50pm Corina Sanchez
16  Thursday  1pm-3:50pm  Troy Tetreault 
17 (262)  Thursday  7pm-9:50pm Katie West (UGTA) 
19  (CHE 107) Wednesday  9:30am-12:20pm  David Bush 
20 (CHE 107) Wednesday  1pm-3:50pm  David Bush 
21 (CHE 107)  Wednesday  4pm-6:50pm  David Bush
22 (262) Tuesday  6pm-8:50pm  Xavier Jenkins
23  Thursday  9am-11:50am  Paige Miller
Biology 1102L

Pocatello - LS 261

Tuesday  10am-12:50pm  William Miller (UGTA) 
2 Tuesday  2pm-4:50pm  Treyton Harris (UGTA) 
Wednesday  10am-12:50pm  Zane Stephenson
Wednesday  2pm-4:50pm  Zane Stephenson 
Biology 2207

LS - 153

Wednesday  1pm-3:50pm Sarah Brockaway 
2 Wednesday  5pm-7:50pm Sarah Brockaway 
3 Wednesday 9am-11:50am  Jennifer Abbruzzese 
Biology 2209L

LS 205

Tuesday  8am-10:50am  Rachel Brinkley 
Tuesday  11am-1:50pm  Tyson Hallbert 
Tuesday  2pm-3:50pm  Rachel Brinkley 
Biology 2221L

Pocatello - LS 152, Idaho Falls - CHE 108

Tuesday  9am-11:50am  Daniel Jackson 
Wednesday  2pm-4:50pm  Brittany Mangum 
Thursday  9am-11:50am  Daniel Jackson 
Tuesday  7pm-9:50pm  Alaina Biery (UGTA) 
Tuesday  2:30pm-5:20pm  Brittany Mangum 
7 (CHE 108)  Tuesday  2:30pm-5:20pm  Alameda LaRoy (UGTA)
Biology 2227L

LS 243

Tuesday  9am-11:50am  Brandy Smith 
2 Tuesday 1pm-3:50pm Therese Balkenbush
3 Tuesday 6pm-8:50pm Jeremy Starkey
Wednesday  8pm-10:50pm  Therese Balkenbush 
5 Thursday 6pm-8:50pm Brandy Smith
6 Friday 3pm-5:50pm Jeremy Starkey
Biology 2228L

LS 271

1 Tuesday 9am-11:50am Gabby Jablonski
2 Tuesday 1pm-3:50pm Trinity Hammond (UGTA)
3 Tuesday 6pm-8:50pm Gabby Jablonski
Biology 2235L

LS 139

Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-8:30pm  Tricia Kerner 
2 Tuesday & Thursday  9am-10:30am  Hannah Aken (UGTA) 
Biology 3301L

LS 247

Tuesday  1:30pm-4:20pm Susan Marion 
Tuesday  6pm-8:50pm  Katie Vanek (UGTA) 
Wednesday  9am-11:50am  Katrina White 
Wedesday  1:30pm-4:20pm Nicole Bliss (UGTA) 
Wednesday  6pm-8:50pm  Brenlee Shipps 
11  Thursday  9am-11:50am  Brenlee Ships 
13  Thursday  1:30pm-4:20pm  Susan Marion
15  Friday  9am-11:50am  Katrina White 
17 Friday  1:30pm-4:20pm  Tanner Hill (UGTA) 
Biology 3302L

LS 243

Wednesday  1pm-3:50pm  Alexander Lopez 
Wednesday  1pm-3:50pm  Alexander Lopez 
Thursday  9am-11:50am  Alexander Lopez
Thursday  9am-11:50am 

Alexander Lopez 

Biology 3316
1 (REND 215)  Monday 1pm-3:50pm Tyson Hallbert
1 (REND 213) Monday 1pm-3:50pm Tyson Hallbert
Biology 4433L

LS 153

1 Tuesday 2:30pm-5:50pm Tricia Kerner
Biology 4451L

LS 151 

1 Thursday 9am-11:50am Katie Noel
2 Wednesday 2pm-4:50pm Katie Noel