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Biol 1101 Lecture & Lab Guidance (A-G)

A. Co-requisite/ Pre-requisite overrides:
  • Co-requisite Required - The course you are trying to enroll in has a co-course requirement.  You must concurrently enroll in both courses at the same time.  Find the CRN for both courses (example: BIOL 1101 & 1101L) and enter both CRNs into the worksheet before submitting.
  • Overrides will NOT be granted for Biol 1101 (lecture) OR 1101L (lab). Biol 1101 and Biol 1101L must be taken during the same semester even when retaking the course (see section F).
  • Once you have added yourself to the wait-lists for lecture and lab, you will need to wait until you have received automatically generated ISU email notifications (one for lecture and one for lab) telling you that you can register.
  • MATH 1108, equivalent math courses, or specific testing scores are also a pre-requisite/co-requisite for both Biol 1101 and 1101L and must be completed by the time of registration OR you must register for all three at the same time; overrides will NOT be granted. However, if you have taken MATH 1108P, MATH 1143P, and MATH 1153P, an override will be granted. Please contact both the lecture instructor and the lab coordinator with your Bengal ID number and the lecture and lab sections you would like to register for.
B. Unable to register for Biol 1101/Biol1101L:
  • The class is full (closed class, “C”).
  • Please follow these directions:
    1. Add yourself to the wait-list. Instructions for wait-listing can be found at: Office of the Registrar > Class Registration Info > How do I add myself to waitlisted course?
    2. Wait for an automatically generated email notification (sent to your ISU email account) telling you that you can register.
    3. Check your detailed class schedule in BengalWeb, Academic Tools Tab for your position on the wait-list.
  • If you are unable to add yourself to the wait-list it means that the wait-list is full. Check BengalWeb daily to see if you can add yourself to the wait-list.
Biology faculty/instructors/staff CANNOT add students to Lecture or Lab:
  • This means that we cannot put you into a lecture or lab section or register for you in any way.
  • Your name must reach the top of the lecture and lab wait-lists before you will be allowed to register.
  • Please check your ISU email for an automatically generated ISU email notification telling you that you can register once you have added yourself to the wait-list.
  • Enrollment numbers cannot be increased for any lecture or lab sections including the online lecture.
Switching/Swapping lab sections:
  • Biology faculty/instructors/staff CANNOT help a student switch/swap sections.
  • Drop the section for which you are registered and add another section that fits your schedule. If you are on the wait-list for a different section of a class you are already registered for, you must drop the other section before you can add the new section. For more information please visit: Office of the Registrar > Class Registration Info > Add/Drop/Swap Courses.
  • Remember you need to add and drop at the same time or you will be dis-enrolled from lab AND lecture.
E. Grades:
Biol 1101 (lecture) and 1101L (lab) are required components for the full Biology I course. Your full Biology I course grade is calculated as 75% lecture and 25% lab. Once the full course grade is calculated during midterms and at the end of the semester, the grades found in BengalWeb will be as follows; 1) Biol 1101 will show the full Biology I course grade and 2) Biol 1101L will show the letter U if the full Biology I course grade is lower than a 60% and S if it is 60% or higher. Please contact your lecture instructor if there is a discrepancy in BengalWeb between the Biol 1101 and Biol 1101L grades. If you earn lower than a 60% AND you have missed more than 30% of lecture and/or lab, you will receive an X in lecture and a U in lab.
F. Repeating Biology I:
  • You must take the full Biology I course (BOTH Biol 1101 and 1101L) again.
  • If you have completed a course for which Biology I is a prerequisite, Biology I CANNOT be repeated.
G. Class Attendance:
  • You can register for/attend lecture and lab on different campuses.
  • The lecture begins the FIRST week of classes.
  • Laboratories begin the SECOND week of classes and there is MANDATORY ATTENDANCE. It will be considered an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE for the first lab (i.e. Lab 1) if you;

1. do not attend the laboratory for which you are registered,
2. register after labs have begun, OR
3. attend a lab section for which you are not registered although you are registered for another section.

  • If you are unable to attend the first week of the lecture because of an ISU sponsored activity, please contact the .
  • If you are unable to attend the first lab because of an ISU sponsored activity, please contact the lab coordinator.
  • If you are close to the top of wait-lists for lecture/lab, it is recommended that you attend both lecture and lab. Please contact the lecture instructor and the coordinator before the first lecture and lab so they can give you access to the assignments.