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Idaho State University

Student Behavior

The Student Conduct Code articulates behavioral standards and procedural guidelines designed to empower ISU community members to live, work, study, recreate and pursue their goals in a safe, secure and inclusive environment. Adherence to and enforcement of the Code promotes student accountability, community integrity, and mission fidelity. This Code should be viewed as a general framework to guide student conduct. It cannot possibly cover all complex situations or exceptional circumstances involving policies and procedures.

The Code contains conduct standards based on values essential to a flourishing academic community, such as honesty, integrity, respect, civility and fairness. The standards are higher than the general law, as our expectations for ISU students, as future alumni and citizen - leaders, are considerable. That said, the University strives to honor core tenets of our society and our academic legacy, such as free expression. Therefore, expression that may be offensive or unpopular may not be actionable under this Code. Further, those who administer the Code attempt to facilitate hearings and sanctions that consider the developmental and educational needs of students, whenever possible. Students are also citizens of the larger society. As citizens, they retain those rights, protections and guarantees of fair treatment that are held by all citizens. In addition, students are subject to the reasonable and basic standards of the University regarding discipline and maintenance of an educational institution.

The Department of Biological Sciences expects that students follow the Student Conduct Code, familiarize themselves with all the information found in the Student Handbook, and follow all lab rules.  If expectations and standards are not met, lab instructors are allowed to impose penalties.