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Lab instructors will use Moodle to enter grades:

  • Accessing Moodle:
    1. Go to Moodle.
    2. Use your ISU email address and password to log on.
    3. Click on 'Dashboard' and then click on the Moodle Metacourse/Moodle Child-course under the 'Courses' tab.
  • Create a Moodle group for each lab section.
  • Grades must be entered into Moodle each week. Please make sure grades are entered before the next lab period.
  • Instructors must export and save their gradebook from Moodle at least once a week in case a server error occurs. It is the responsibility of the lab instructor to recover any lost grade data.

Adding Students to Moodle Groups

You will need to add the students that are in your assigned lab section to Moodle Groups:

1. You have access to the Moodle Metacourse and the Moodle child-courses for the lab sections that you teach. The child-courses populate the metacourse with student information. We will use the child-courses for class-lists only. Look for the lab section child-courses that you teach; they will be gray not orange. Click on one and then click on Grades in the left navigation bar. A list of students will show up to the right of the left navigation. This will be your class-list for your lab section. You can export it or just open it in another browser window.
2. On the main page of the Moodle Metacourse, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. Once expanded, click on More.

Gear example
3. A Course Administration window will open, look under Users and select Groups.
users example
4. Create your section by clicking on the Create group button and naming your group after your last name and the section number of the lab section you are teaching.
Click on the Add/remove users button under the 'Members of' box.
6. A new window will open. Type in the name of a student in the search box below the box. Once the student name appears in the box, click on the name, and then click on the Add button.
7. Repeat for all students in your lab sections.

Entering Grades

Student grades need to be entered into Moodle each week:

1. Click on the Grades link on the left navigation bar.
2. A Grader Report window will open. >

Under the Grader Report heading there will be a drop down menu called Visible Group. Select your section from this menu (only one section or all sections can be viewed).
Group example


Click on the Turn editing on example button button. The cells will become live. Enter your grades.

5. Once you have entered your grades, click on the Save button examplebutton. If you do not save, the grade data will be lost.

Exporting files

It is very important that you back up your Moodle grade data each week after you enter grades:


Click on the Grades link on the left navigation bar.

2. Select your section from the Visible Groups drop-down menu.
From the Grader Report drop down menu Export > Excel spreadsheet. Export example
4. The Export to Excel spreadsheet window will open, scroll down, and click on the orange Download button button.

Using the Moodle Participants list to send emails:

You will need to email your students several times a week using Moodle:


Click on the Participants link found in both the left and right navigation bars. Scroll down to select your section:

Quick mail example


Scroll down to the bottom of the Participant list for your section, select Show all 25 (# will vary depending on the size of the section), and then the Select all 25 users button. From the drop down choose Send a message.

send message example


Compose a message in the dialog pop-up box that opens.

compose message example

4. Click on the Send message to 24 people button. The # dropped to 24 from 25 because it is not including your email in the final total.


Using the Fourm resource to post lab content:

You will need post JA lists and data several times through out the semester:

1. In the 'Lab Materials' section, click on 'Data & Handouts'

Select your section (Moodle Group) and click on 'Add a new discussion topic':

3. Click on 'Advanced':
4. Drag and drop the file you want to post. You also need to include a subject and message.