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EHSS now uses CampusOptics to submit waste pick-up requests. Click on the appropriate icon below for the type of waste that you need to have picked up. You will be prompted to sign into CampusOptics to submit your request.

These forms cannot be used for radioactive waste, mixed waste (both radioactive and hazardous), or e-waste. For radioactive and mixed waste, contact the Radiation Safety Department.  For e-waste, contact Facilities Services.


Click on the actual pictogram below for the type of waste pick-up you are requesting. 

Biohazard symbol in a black upwards triangle with the words biohazardous waste under the pictogram

Biohazardous waste refers to materials contaminated with potentially infectious agents or biological substances that may pose health risks to humans or the environment. Some examples include medical sharps, laboratory cultures, and certain medical waste. Proper disposal and handling of biohazardous waste is crucial to prevent the spread of disease and protect public health.

photo of a flask

Hazardous waste encompasses materials or substances that exhibit characteristics such as toxicity, flammability, corrosiveness, or reactivity, posing potential risks to human health and the environment. Some examples include solvents, paints, some pesticides, and propane.

How to Fill out a Waste Label?



Pictogram of a light bulb with the text universal waste

Universal waste is a category of hazardous waste that includes widely generated materials that are managed under simplified regulations due to their prevalence and lower environmental risk. This approach aims to encourage proper recycling and disposal while reducing the regulatory burden. Some examples include batteries, fluorescent lamps, mercury containing equipment and pesticides.

To Submit a Waste Request: 

  • Select the class of waste above
  • Fill out your contact and location information 
  • Fill out your waste information
  • Add or duplicate containers as needed
  • Submit the request

To Duplicate a Container: 

  • Click action
  • Select Duplicate Container and it will copy the selected container
  • If you have a mixture such as Halogenated waste add main contents with estimated percentages.

To add another waste container:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the request
  • Click on Add Another Container