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Oil Handling

Used oil is generated by laboratories from vacuum pumps and other lab equipment as well as from Technology Programs and general campus operations. Used oil should not be mixed with any other chemical wastes. This allows the university to segregate and recycle the oil as well as operate with less stringent regulations.

Used oil should be clearly labeled with the words “used oil." Do not use any other words in place of used, such as "spent" or "waste." EHS can provide used oil labels which should be placed on all containers used for used oil accumulation. Containers can also be stenciled using the words "used oil." Generators of used oil should inform EHS if the used oil could contain PCBs. PCBs are poly-chlorinated biphenyls and were often present in older pieces of electrical machinery. 

All used oil generated on Idaho State campuses must be disposed of through EHS. EHS maintains a list of certified recyclers of used oil. If you have questions in regards to oil disposal please contact us at 208-282-2310 or submit the hazardous waste pick up form.

The Pocatello campus has a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to prevent the discharge of oils to waters of the US. This Plan is maintained in the EHS Office. All personnel handling oil are required to have annual SPCC training.