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Chemical & Research Safety Overview

The ISU Chemical & Research Safety Program is comprised of multiple components. 

  • Campus Safety Plans include the Chemical Hygiene Plan (for laboratories) and the Hazard Communication Plan (for other areas).
  • Lab Specific Safety Plans are developed and maintained by Primary Investigators and Lab Managers.
  • An inventory of hazardous chemicals on campus is maintained via the CHIMERA inventory system.
  • Hazardous materials door signage is generated by the CHIMERA system and installed by the EHSS Department.
  • Chemical specific safety information is available from manufacturers in the form of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Safe chemical handling requirements for select chemicals are documented on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Chemical Safety Training is provided by the EHSS Department.
  • Laboratory Safety Consultations are conducted by the EHSS Department.
  • Disposal of regulated waste materials is managed by the EHSS Department.
  • IACUC Risk Assessements for animal research are evaluated and approved by the EHSS Department.

Contact the EHSS at 208-282-2310 if you have questions concerning the Chemical & Research Safety Program.