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Hot Work Program

This program establishes written procedures to prevent fires, personal injury, and property damage resulting from temporary operations involving an open flame or that produce heat, sparks, or hot slag. 

This program applies to hot work performed at all Idaho State University (ISU) facilities including, but not limited to; welding, brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing frozen pipes by torch, and other torch applied activities.

Hot Work Permit

Caution with an exclamation point Designated Hot Work Area Sign

Hot work is any operation producing flames, sparks or heat including, but not limited to, cutting, welding, brazing, grinding, sawing, torch soldering, thawing frozen pipes, applying roof covering etc.

If hot work must be performed outside the Designated Hot Work Area, a Hot Work Permit must be completed by a supervisor before the hot work begins. This Hot Work Permit must be posted so that it is visible and within close proximity to where the hot work is being conducted. All precautions on the Hot Work Permit must be met prior to performing any hot work. The Hot Work Permit will be issued by the supervisor and is valid only for the date(s) and time specified on the permit. 

A Designated Hot Work Area is a permanent location designed for hot work. For a space to be classified as a Designated Hot Work Area, it must meet the following requirements and be inspected by ISU EHSS Department.

A Designated Hot Work Area will be determined by the following evaluation:

  • Non-combustible, fire-resistive construction, essentially free of combustibles and flammables. 
  • The working surface for the use of the soldering and brazing activities should be of a non-combustible material (i.e., laboratory bench, duraboard, tile, etc.). 
  •  Suitable segregated from adjacent areas. Equipped with fire extinguisher(s). 
  • Equipped with Fire Alarm controls in the nearby area (Fire Pull Switch)
  • Equipped with mechanical ventilation to control smoke and fumes. 
  • Inspected and approved by EHSS. 

Fire Watch is a trained individual stationed in the hot work area who monitors the work area for potential, unwanted fires both during and after hot work. Individuals must be trained and familiar with the operation of portable fire extinguishers and methods to activate building fire alarm systems.

                         Hot Work Permit