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Universal Waste

Universal wastes are certain types of hazardous wastes that have reduced regulatory requirements for handling to encourage recycling and proper disposal. Idaho recognizes five types of universal waste: aerosols, batteries, some pesticides, mercury containing devices, and lamps. Idaho State University generates universal waste campus-wide with the most common types being lamps and batteries.

When generating universal waste, place the waste in a container that is compatible and structurally sound. Label and date the container when adding the first piece of waste. This date starts the timeclock for the one year maximum storage period for universal waste. Containers holding universal waste must stay closed unless you are actively adding waste to the container.

On the Pocatello Campus, universal waste can be transferred to the universal waste storage shed by trained personnel. Alternatively, waste pick up requests can be submitted through the waste pick up request form. EHS removes universal waste from work areas on the Pocatello Campus weekly. Other campuses and non-contiguous facilities are serviced directly by Idaho State’s universal waste disposal vendor.