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Rodent control/cleanup and Hantavirus Prevention

A technician is holding a deer mouse infected with Hantavirus wearing rubber gloves, in the corner is a faded display of the virus on a microscopic level.

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) is a lung infection caused by viruses found in the saliva, urine, and droppings of some rodents. People can become infected with Hantavirus after disturbing or cleaning rodent droppings or nests, or by living or working in rodent-infested settings. An infection with Hantavirus can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which can be fatal.

If you have a rodent issue in your work area, or need rodent infested areascleaned, submit an E-Works Request to Facilities Services.

The following procedures should be utilized to prevent hantavirus exposure: