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Hazardous Waste

As of 2020, the Environmental Health and Safety Department has a new Hazardous Waste Management Plan. This plan includes new Satellite accumulation area signs and hazardous waste labels.

Hazardous waste management, identification, labeling, handling, storage, and disposal is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have authority over the hazardous waste program in Idaho. DEQ conducts unannounced full compliance inspections regularly of ISU. Hazardous waste regulations are codified federally at 40 CFR Parts 260-273 and in Idaho at IDAPA 58.01.05.  ISU produces hazardous waste through operational activities, research, academic programs and technological programs. A waste is considered a hazardous waste if it meets the federal definition of a hazardous waste.

The Plan can be viewed here: 

EHS encourages all hazardous waste generators to consider ways to minimize the generation of hazardous waste. EHS can provide assistance in identifying waste minimization strategies.


EHS removes hazardous waste from satellite accumulation areas in laboratories, work areas and classrooms on the Pocatello Campus weekly. Other campuses and non-contiguous facilities are serviced directly by Idaho State’s hazardous waste disposal vendor. Hazardous waste containers and labels can be requested through the waste pick-up request form.  


Recent updates to the hazardous waste rules included a provision for making a hazardous waste determination at the point of generation. EHS has developed resources for assisting in making a hazardous waste determination and is available for consultation and assistance. Hazardous waste determination forms should be maintained at the point of generation.