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The Idaho State University Radiation Safety Department is committed to ensuring radiological safety and is responsible for compliance with relevant federal, state and university regulations.


What We Do:

The Radiation Safety Department is dedicated to ensure the safe receipt, use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials and to the safe operation of radiation machines. The Radiation Safety Department is authorized to intervene to prevent hazardous conditions from developing or to eliminate existing unsafe conditions on any matter related to radiation safety.


Quick Reference Links

Declaration of Pregnancy Letter

RPR 11 - Laboratory Contamination and Radiation Survey Form

RPR 13F - Radioactive Material Purchase Authorization

RPR13A - Radioactive Material Package Receipt Survey

RPR 14 - Request for Shipment of Radioactive Material

Radioactive Waste Addition Log

Single Barrier Source Log



Resource Links

LUND/LBNL Nuclear Data Search

Health Physics Society - FAQ

Report a Safety Concern to the NRC