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Faculty and Staff

Human Performance and Sport Studies

Caroline Faure

Caroline Faure, EdD

Department Chair / Professor

Office: Reed Gym 201 D

(208) 282-4085


Dr. John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Reed Gym 202

(208) 282-4058


Elaine Foster

Elaine Foster, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Reed Gym 201E

(208) 282-5613


Karla Judge Headshot

Karla Judge, DAT, LAT, ATC

Assistant Professor, MSAT Coordinator of Clinical Education

Office: Reed Gym 311



Dani Moffit

Dani M. Moffit, PhD, LAT, ATC

Associate Professor, MSAT Program Director

Office: Reed Gym 311

(208) 282-4441


JongHun Sung, PhD, ATC

Assistant Professor

Office: Reed Gym 201 B

(208) 282-4563

Kolby Cordingley

Kolby Cordingley, MPE-AA

Associate Lecturer, PEAC Coordinator, GTA Coordinator

Office: Reed Gym 201 H

(208) 282-5296


Justin Dayley

Justin Dayley

Outdoor Adventure Center Director

Office: Pond Student Union Building

(208) 282-3912

Isabelle Statkus

Isabelle Statkus, MPE-AA

Clinical Instructor

Office: Reed Gym 201C

(208) 282-4310

Howard Gauthier

Howard Gauthier, PhD

Professor, MPE-AA Coordinator

Office: ISU-Meridian Meridian 525 1311 E Central Drive Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 373-1753


Dr. Michael Meyers

Michael Meyers, PhD, FACSM


Office: Reed Gym 201 F

(208) 282-3727


Shad Robinson

Shad Robinson, MPE-AA, CSCS

Lab Coordinator and Equipment Manager

Office: Reed Gym 205

(208) 282-3967

Ron Watters

Senior Lecturer

Office: PSUB

(208) 282-3912


April Miller

Administrative Assistant II

Office: Reed Gym 201

(208) 282-4852

Organizational Learning and Performance

John Curry, PhD

Department Chair / Associate Professor Organizational Learning and Performance

Office: Garrison 618

(208) 282-2585

Rob Lion

Robert Lion, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Garrison 613

(208) 282-3512


Spencer Christensen

Clinical Lecturer for Career Technical Education

Office: Garrison 609

(208) 282-2569

David Coffland

David Coffland, EdD

Associate Professor

Office: Garrison 622

(208) 282-3658

Brenda Jacobsen

Brenda Jacobsen, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: Garrison 621

(208) 282-4967


Robin Lindbeck

Robin Lindbeck, EdD

Associate Professor

Office: Garrison 612

(208) 282-2884


Ajit Bhattarai, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: Garrison 611

(208) 282-3744

Ajit Bhattarai, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: Garrison 611

(208) 282-3744

Veronica Garcia

Administrative Assistant I

Office: Garrison 617

(208) 282-3906

School Psychology and Educational Leadership

Howard Fan

Chung-Hau (Howard) Fan, PhD

Department Chair / Associate Professor of School Psychology

Office: College of Education 108B

(208) 282-4392


Dr. Fan earned his Ph.D. of School Psychology at the University of Iowa in 2011. He served as the training director of the School Psychology Program at Idaho State University for 9 years. His current research focuses on improving response-to-intervention (RTI) methodologies, including reduction of measurement error for progress monitoring and systemic troubleshooting for effective RTI implementation. Other areas of interest include special education leadership, behavioral consultation training, nondiscriminatory cognitive assessment with cross-cultural students, and autism spectrum disorders. Besides work, he plays tennis and enjoys swimming and cooking.

Joel Bocanegra, PhD

Associate Professor of School Psychology

Office: College of Education 108A

(208) 282-4387


Dr. Bocanegra graduated with a PhD in educational psychology with a concentration in school psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is a licensed psychologist and school psychologist. He teaches Clinical School Psychology, Multicultural Issues in School Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions courses, among others. He is a noted scholar on multicultural issues, diversity recruitment, system change efforts, and trauma. He co-chaired a national recruitment committee, sits on various editorial boards, and works extensively with minority youth and underserved populations. His scholarly work includes: minority and training issues, trauma, etc. Furthermore, Dr. Bocanegra has extensive practice experience. He has worked as a bilingual school psychologist and psychologist across numerous environments and has consulted internationally on various system change initiatives. Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Bocanegra enjoys spending time with his family, staying physically active, traveling, and writing.

Patti Mortensen

Patti Mortensen, EdD

Assistant Professor

Office: College of Education 377

(208) 282-3661


Dr. Mortensen earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership from Idaho State University in 2009. She joined the faculty at ISU after a 30-year career in K-12 education as a teacher, school principal, district administrator and school superintendent. Her research interests include topics related to the preparation of school and district administrators, mentorship, and the evaluation of school administrators. She teaches courses in the K-12 education administration programs and closely follows the success of her students as they become school and district leaders! She is an avid Bengal fan attending and supporting many athletic, theatre, and musical performances on campus. In her spare time, Dr. Mortensen enjoys the Idaho outdoors, playing the piano, traveling and experiencing new places, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Geoff Thomas Photo

Geoffrey Thomas, EdD

Assistant Professor

Office: College of Education 381

(208) 282-4322

Geoff Thomas CV

Dr. Geoff Thomas is a 37-year public educator. After teaching high school for seven years, he transitioned to serving in administration with the last twenty years working as Superintendent in the Madison 321 school district.  

During his career, Dr. Thomas served as the President of the Idaho School Administrators Association, the Idaho Superintendents Association, the Idaho High School Activities Association, and the Idaho School District Council. 

A proud Bengal, Dr. Thomas received his Educational Specialist degree and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Idaho State University. He was awarded the 2015 Idaho Superintendent of the Year, and the 2016 Idaho State University Distinguished Leader Award. 

Dr. Thomas is known statewide as a passionate advocate for public education and providing numerous academic, vocational, artistic, and athletic opportunities for students.

He and his wife Janalee are the proud parents of five children and even prouder grandparents of six grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, mountain hiking, jeep riding, and honing his marginal golf skills

Guillermo Ortega headshot

Guillermo Ortega, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: College of Education 369

(208) 282-1088

Guillermo Ortega Vita

Dr. Guillermo Ortega is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education. He earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Houston. His dissertation examined Latinx college athletes and was funded by the Center for Mexican American Studies, Project Mentoring to Achieve Latinos Educational Success (MALES), and the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE). Prior to joining Idaho State University, he served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Iowa State University where he helped implement a new college-going initiative for Latinx youth and families. His research uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine intercollegiate athletics, students from underrepresented groups, and organizational structures. Dr. Ortega is thrilled to join Idaho State University.

Berenice Sanchez headshot

Berenice Sánchez, PhD

Assistant Professor of Higher Education


Dr. Berenice Sánchez is a scholar and a practitioner in higher education and student affairs. She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University Bloomington. Her primary research is focused on examining the experiences of faculty of color, with a focus on Latina faculty, and exploring the ways that race, racism, and white supremacy in higher education. Prior to joining IU Bloomington, she served as the Assistant Director of La Casa Cultural Latina at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While at Indiana University, she worked as a project associate with the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE), the Assessment Coordinator for the Division of Student Affairs, as well as the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. When not working, she enjoys traveling out of the country, mostly to enjoy being on the beach, going salsa dancing, and working out. Dr. Sánchez is excited to join Idaho State University!

Rick Wagoner

Richard Wagoner, PhD

Associate Professor of Higher Education

Office: College of Education 365

(208) 282-3358


Teaching and Educational Studies

Cory Bennett

Cory Bennett, PhD

Department Chair / Professor of Teaching and Educational Studies

Office: College of Education 107E

(208) 282-6058


Dr. Esther Ntuli

Esther Ntuli, EdD

Associate Dean

Office: College of Education 357

(208) 282-5311

Corey Bartle, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: Idaho Falls TAB 332

(208) 282-7716


Suzanne Beasterfield

Suzanne Beasterfield

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: College of Education 226C

(208) 282-2989


Dr. Amanda Eller

Amanda Eller, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Office: College of Education, Twin Falls, Hepworth 117A, CSI Campus



Jenn Gallup, PhD

Associate Professor of Special Education

Office: College of Education 107D

(208) 282-5382


Shu Yuan Lin

Shu-Yuan Lin, EdD

Clinical Associate Professor / Instructional Materials Center Coordinator

Office: College of Education 108F

(208) 282-3185


Celal Perihan

Celal Perihan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: College of Education, 108C

(208) 282-3674

Celal Perihan Vita

Dr. Beverly Ray

Beverly Ray, PhD


Office: College of Education 107C

(208) 282-4516

Bev Ray Vita

Wendy Ruchti

Wendy Ruchti, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: College of Education 107B

(208) 282-3128

Wendy Ruchti CV

Jill Radford, EdS

Clinical Instructor of Deaf Education

Office: College of Education 226 C

(208) 904-3552

Michelle Schroeder, MEd

Associate Lecturer

Office: College of Education 230

(208) 282-3483

Mona Heern

Mona Heern, MEd

Field Experience Coordinator

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 203

(208) 282-2783

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Joanne Toves

Joanne Toevs, MEd

Clinical Lecturer

Office: College of Education 226A

(208) 282-4479

Jennifer Walters

Jennifer A. Walters, MEd

Clinical Instructor / FEA Region 4 Coordinator

Office: Idaho State University - College of Education, Twin Falls Hepworth 117, CSI Campus

(208) 732-6359

Jennifer Walters CV

Jamie Webster

Jamie Webster, EdD

Advising Coordinator

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 211

(208) 282-2783

Advising resources 

Ask me about: Advising questions, teacher certification

Raylene Houck

Raylene Houck

Administrative Assistant I

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 215

(208) 282-2783

Diana Meyers

Administrative Assistant I

Office: College of Education, Kent Center 215

(208) 282-3807