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Albion Center for Professional Development

COVID-19 Professional Development Courses

Teachers who have learned new skills, changed lesson plans, rearranged classroom learning, learned or used new technologies, and used other teaching methods during Covid-19 can earn up to 24 professional development credits through Idaho State University (to earn all 24 credits, register for all 12 courses).


Our courses and registration are conveniently found online in our Course Catalog.


Transcripts are available when courses end and are free of cost.


Courses are priced at $55/per credit, now the lowest in the state.

Request PD Courses

ISU will facilitate credit for courses in your district, school, or conferences by filling out this form.

What sets Idaho State University apart? 

  • Our courses are competitively priced at $55/credit, no extra fees
  • Request district in-service courses easily (with the ability to approve past trainings/seminars)
  • Register & pay online using a debit or credit card
  • A growing catalog of 100% online self-paced courses
  • Free transcripts that can be requested at the end of the course

As part of Idaho State University’s ongoing efforts to assist our students and community, we are encouraging teachers and administrators to pursue their professional development online. We strive to serve educators nationwide and aim to assist them in achieving their goals of continued learning, certification renewal, and salary increase. For further questions, please contact us at

Common Professional Development Courses