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Ways to Give

Your gift to the Idaho State University College of Education will not only support a college student, but all the students impacted by the new educator your gift created as well. Your support helps create strong, compassionate, and knowledgeable future educators. These scholarships exist thanks to contributors like you, and we want to give you a glimpse of the impact your gifts make in the lives of students like Maquencie Oltman, who received the Kole-Hedeen Scholarship in 2022.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am honored to be a recipient of the 2022 Kole-Hedeen Scholarship.

Receiving this scholarship helps ensure that I will be able to complete my education at Idaho State University. Your scholarship is instrumental in my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a major concentration in both American government and health. I am on track to graduate in May of 2023. Upon successful completion of my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue an online master’s degree in secondary education at ISU. My goal is to work as a substitute teacher in a rural Idaho school district while completing the program.

I believe educating our nation’s youth about the workings of the American government is necessary to shape them into informed citizens and future leaders. Our democracy and our government continue to be evolving entities, and current events help shape American history as well as the American dream. Such events can and should become teachable moments. I believe preparing students to become effective members of American society is an essential part of an educator’s role. It is my sincere desire to be an educator that provides students with the tools needed to help them mature into lifelong engaged citizens.

Words are inadequate to describe the gratitude I feel regarding your generous financial support of my educational goals. I am both humbled and strengthened by your belief in me. I am immensely grateful and am determined to make your investment in my education worthwhile. Thank you.


Maquencie Oltman, secondar education student, photo. 

Maquencie Oltman

 Secondary Education Student, May 2023 

Supporting Our Students and Programs

Gifts to the College of Education can be made in a number of ways. Please contact Tabatha Butler, College of Education Philanthropic Advisor, to learn more or visit isu.edu/give. Thank you for your consideration and support of the College of Education!


Allen Andersen Family Scholarship Endowment  
Anika Marie Hoybjerg Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Anna Robinson-Clark Scholarship Endowment  
Babe Caccia Scholarship Endowment  
Barbara and Roger Michener Scholarship Endowment  
Betty L. and Roy E. Simonds Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Bill Watkins Student Internship Support Scholarship  
Billie McNabb Miller and Margaret F. Miller Scholarship Endowment  
Brian and Julie Armes Scholarship Endowment for Excellence in Education  
Byron M. Skaug Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Carl Durfee Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Children's Literacy Foundation Endowment  
Clark-Seddon Scholarship Endowment  
Colleen and William Neel Scholarship Endowment  
College of Education Intern Scholarship Endowment  
Daugherty Foundation Scholarship  
Della and Reuben Ward Scholarship Endowment  
Dianne W. Holmes Memorial Endowment  
Distinguished Teacher Endowment Scholarship  
Donald L. and Helen Doering Nielson Endowed Fellowship  
Dr. Robert W. and Mrs. LaVoy V. Riley Myers Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Dr. T.C. and Cheryl E. Mattocks Scholarship Endowment  
Edna Dursteler Scholarship Endowment  
Ethel E. Redfield Scholarship Endowment  
Evelyn Robinson Principal Leadership Scholarship Endowment  
FMC Math/Science Education Endowment  
Frances E. Satterwhite Memorial Scholarship  
Frank. B. and Phyllis H. Wilson Memorial Scholarship  
Gates Minority and International Student Endowment  
Gilette Family Endowment  
Gordon and Marjean Waford Family Endowment Fund  
Idaho Falls Retired Teachers Scholarship Endowment  
James and Wendy Ruchti Idaho Educator Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Jeannette Rowe Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Jerry J. and Elner C. Bellon Scholarship Endowment  
Jeff Chen Memorial Scholarship  
Jim and Judy Liday Scholarship  
Joe and Pauline Kent Center for Student Success  
Joe and Pauline Kent Scholarship Endowment  
John Falcone College of Education Second Chance Scholarship Fund  
John Gorman Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
John L. Bobell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Judy B. Sorensen Memorial Endowment for Elementary Educators  
June M. Wilson and Carol M. Rounds Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Kelly Rae and Pamela Haberman Scholarship Endowment Fund in Education  
Lamont Jones Sports Science Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Lorraine Peterson Green Wight Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Margaret S. Klingemann Scholarship Endowment  
Margaret Somsen Scholarship Endowment  
Marion A. Toombs Scholarship Endowment  
Mary Ann and Ronald L. Hansen Scholarship  
Mary Elizabeth “Zibby” Pyle Leeper Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Military Order of the Purple Heart Endowment  
Nannette and Gail Siemen Early Childhood Education Scholarship Endowment  
Nathan R. and Michelle Schroeder Endowment for Student Success in the College of Education  
National Girls and Women in Sports Day Endowment  
Nisson Family Scholarship Endowment  
Norma Barnes Scholarship Endowment  
Paula Rankin Scholarship Endowment  
Pete and Ronda Black Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Peter C. and Nancy J. Kole - Connie Smith Bowen College of Education Scholarship Endowment  
Peter C. Kole - Donald J. Sampson Scholarship Endowment  
Peter C. Kole - Dr. Deborah Hedeen Scholarship Endowment  
Peter C. Kole - Pauline S. Thiros Scholarship Endowment  
Peter C. Kole - Richard L. Bowen Scholarship Endowment  
Peter C. Kole - William H. McGuffey Fund  
Peter C. Kole – Jay G. Jensen Scholarship Endowment Fund  
Peter Kole and Eleanor Loscalzo Scholarship Endowment  
Phillip L. Luckey and Michael E. Nesbitt Sports Medicine Scholarship Endowment  
Richard L. and Donna J. Sagness Excellence in Teaching Endowment  
Rick and Mary Lou Aubrey Scholarship Endowment  
Robert W. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Roger and Nancy J. Wheeler Scholarship Endowment  
Ron and Patty Bolinger Family Scholarship Endowment for Education  
Ruth Robinson Chandler Scholarship Endowment  
Southeast Idaho Retired Educators Scholarship  
Ted Earl Memorial Scholarship Endowment  
Terry L. and Rita D. Haggardt Scholarship Endowment  
Veeva D. Whitworth Endowment  
W. James and Dr. Karen Johnston Scholarship  
Wyman-Skaggs Home Economics Scholarship Endowment  
Zobell-Albion Scholarship Endowment  
College of Education's Radio Show

Inspiring Educators Radio Show Graphic 2024

Inspiring Educators is a half-hour radio show co-hosted by the Idaho State University College of Education Dean, Jean McGivney-Burelle and Philanthropic Advisor, Tabatha Butler. Each episode features conversations our alumni, students, friends and supporters of the college about their careers, philanthropy and the future educators they inspire.


Listen to Inspiring Educators for free by visiting kisu.org or searching "Inspiring Educators" on Spotify.