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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (CPI UGTA)

During the first semester, a CPI Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (CPI UGTA) shadows/assists another lab instructor by attending the 2-3 hour lab and the instructor meeting each week, and grading assignments. However, during the second semester of CPI funding a UGTA can take over their own lab section if they feel comfortable. Students entering the CPI UGTA program for the first time are encouraged to register for the Biology Teaching Assistant Seminar: BIOL 4499 (1 credit). Courses that a CPI UGTA can TA are: Concepts in Biology: Human Concerns (BIOL 1100L), Biology I (BIOL 1101L),  Introductory Microbiology (BIOL 2221L), Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 3301L or BIOL 3302L).

CPI UGTAs can work 5 - 10 hours per week (10 - 20 per pay period). Time spent on the following activities will be submitted to and approved by Dr. Loxterman:

  • time spent in the teaching laboratory with the registered students assisting the instructor, instructing the students, and/or guiding the students
  • lab instructor meetings
  • online training quizzes
  • office hours (when teaching your own section)
  • exam proctoring
  • grading and entering grades
  • preparation of lab reagents and supplies
  • preparation of course content such as introduction and quiz presentations
  • maintenance of the laboratory

Institutional Policies & Procedures

  1. If you have not worked for ISU before, you will need to fill out employment paperwork through Human Resources.
  2. CPI agreement forms with departmental information, internship information, and all required signatures (excluding yours) are in the Biology main-office (LS 227).
    • Fill in the student information section of the form and sign the form.
    • Date all signatures on the form.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with:

Submitting Time

  • Please submit your time by 12 pm the Monday following the pay period End Date of the current payroll schedule:
    • Enter your time to STU CPI UGTA ACDC02 for a normal 20 hours pay period.
    • DO NOT enter your time to STU NON CPI ABIO01.
  • Supervisors need to approve your time by 12pm the Tuesday following the pay period End Date.