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photo of Dr. Glenn Thackray

Glenn Thackray, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chair

Office: Phys. Sci. Bldg. 3, Room 228

(208) 282-3871


  • Quaternary Geology
  • Geomorphology
  • Environment Geology
  • Tectonic Geomorphology
Research Interests

My research interests span a broad range of surficial geologic realms. My principal background and research focus lies in the application of Quaternary geology and geomorphology to paleoclimatic and active tectonic investigations. I am currently pursuing projects in these realms in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Zealand.

I also apply my background in surficial geology to hydrogeology. I am involved in current projects in eastern Idaho, exploring the impacts of bedrock and unconsolidated sediments on groundwater flow and groundwater quality, and have worked extensively on public groundwater protection efforts.