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Approximate Course Schedule

Students in pit gathering soil information

Week One

  • Introduction to course goals, instructors, field area and expectations
  • Quantifying the water balance for a small watershed
    • Inputs
      • Programming and deployment of a meteorological station (rain gage, wind, solar radiation, temp, etc.)
      • Visit to a near-by SNOTEL station (weather pending)
      • Discussion of spatial variations in precipitation phase (snow vs. rain) and quantity
    • Outputs
      • Measurement techniques for water flux in small and large streams
      • Programming and deployment of automated water quality sensors
      • Measurements of evaporation and transpiration
    • Change in Storage
      • Measurements of soil moisture
      • Measurements of groundwater variations

Week 2

  • Quantifying the carbon balance for a small watershed
    • Gas Fluxes
      • Measurement of gas fluxes from soils, plant leaves and plant communities
      • Spatial extrapolation of measurements using remote sensing and topographic data
    • Stream Fluxes
      • Export by streams: sampling and analytical techniques, temporal variation
        • Dissolved organic carbon
        • Dissolved inorganic carbon
        • Particulate organic carbon
    • Change in Storage
      • Sampling and analytical techniques for soil carbon
      • Quantifying above- and below-ground carbon in plant biomass