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Advising Information for the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion

Here are instructions for the Change Major Guide if you need help declaring a major or minor.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: Please contact your faculty/department advisor to make an advising appointment. Contact the department for program advising.

Freshmen, or for general inquiries, please contact your college academic advisor to make an advising appointment.

General Student Information

Financial Aid:

Financial aid is awarded for a full year (August-August). Students need to notify the ISU Financial Aid office if they want to attend during the summer. Otherwise, their entire allotted award is dispersed during fall and spring with nothing left for summer.
Full time enrollment for financial aid purposes is twelve credits. At eleven credits students are charged the full-time tuition price though.


Spring registration usually starts the first full week of November.
Summer registration usually starts the first full week of February.
Fall registration usually starts the third week of April.
The specific dates for each class level registration is listed on the Registrar’s website under Calendars/Schedules. Registration always starts at 12:01 a.m., Seniors on a Monday, Juniors on Wednesday, Sophomores on Friday, and Freshman the following Monday.


When a course section becomes "Full," additional Waitlist spaces will be available for students wishing to register for the course. Waitlisted students are able to register for the course if seats become available.

Waitlist students need to know that if they are waitlisted for a course they must check their email daily. When a slot opens the next person on the list is emailed and has only 24 hours to respond. If they fail to do this they are deleted from the waitlist and have to reregister.

Dropping a class:

Students can only drop a class without having it appearing on their transcript during the first ten days of school. Any time after the second week, a “W” will appear on their transcript. Students need to understand a “W” does not affect their GPA. The final drop date is the Friday of the tenth week of School. To drop after this date requires a petition, which would only be approved for hardship reasons.


Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a department advisor by the end of their junior year to review their matriculation form. This should help ensure they are on track.

Graduation applications must be submitted no later than Friday of midterm week of the semester in which you plan to graduate. For those wishing to graduate in August, applications must be submitted by the last day of the Spring semester.