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The Department of Communication, Media, & Persuasion offers an extensive array of programs, subdivided into four broad areas of speciality:

Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communication major offers students tracks in Leadership, Advertising, and Public Relations, preparing them for careers as Creative Directors, Public Opinion Researchers, Publicity and Brand Managers, and Mediators - among a variety of others.

Multiplatform Journalism

Graduates from our Multiplatform Journalism program are employed across the country as reporters, authors, newscasters and copywriters. The program provides graduates with the skills to succeed both now and in the future by teaching them to leverage the latest multimedia tools and techniques while emphasizing the underlying processes of the media industry.

Rhetoric and Media Affairs

Rhetoric and Media Affairs is a major that emphasizes public rhetoric and persuasion in a wide variety of contexts and media. Students get a broad education in practical courses that help them become better communicators and in theoretical courses that help them understand the persuasiveness of public messages. Students who emphasize in Rhetoric and Media Affairs are better equipped to write and evaluate messages communicated to the public, to write and evaluate arguments in law, politics, and the corporate world. Also an excellent major for those interested in a career in law.

Visual Communication

Visual Communication consists of tracks in photography, graphic design, and video production. Courses provide a solid foundation of design principles, as well as hands-on practice with industry standard software and equipment, equipping them with the skills to succeed as graphic designers, broadcast journalists, and web designers.