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Advertising Federation & National Student Advertising Competition

One of the shining stars of our department, the ISU NSAC team competes every year in the American Advertising Federation student competition (District 11). This group brings together students from all four majors, as well as individuals from majors across campus, as part of an advertising agency working on a campaign for a national client.

Each year, students develop a campaign from the ground up — including slogan development, media strategy, visuals and media, and budgets. The team then travels to the district competition, where they present their plans to a panel of industry experts and representatives from the client organization.

The team has a burgeoning history of success, having taken 3rd place in 2020 and 2017, and 1st place in 2016, as well as a strong track record of specific awards, including “Best Single Ad” for the “Confessional” TV commercial developed for Snapple, the “Most Memorable Moment” award for their “Click Click Hooray” concept, and “Best Male Presenter” for the work done by Chance Bennett on the Snapple presentation.

Contact Summer Shelton at for more information.