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Current Officers (2020/21)

Current Advertising Federation Officers for the 2020–2021 adademic year.

A headshot of a student standing in front of a flag.

Nyele Alvarez


As President of the Advertising Federation club, Nyele leads the team in their efforts to promote the club to students, learn about the advertising industry, and develop campaigns for local clients.

This is Nyele's second year as AdFed President. She is graduating in May 2021.

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Nicholas Bringhurst

Vice President

As Vice President of the Advertising Federation club, Nick assists the President with their goals and ambitions for the club. He acts as a second face for AdFed, going to events/student fairs and as a representative of the club, and helps communications and activities run as smooth as they can.

This is Nick's first year as Vice President of AdFed. He will be graduating in December 2021 with a degree in Advertising (Corporate Communication) and Visual Communications.

A headshot of a student in front of a pink background.

Quinn Purcell


As Secretary of the Advertising Federation club, Quinn keeps track of weekly meetings and member duties. He stays up-to-date with tasks that need to be completed, and send out emails to help keep the team on track.

This is Quinn's first year as Secretary of AdFed. He is graduating in May 2021 with a degree in Communications; a major focus in Multiplatform Journalism and a minor in Visual Design.

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Jessica Rodriguez

Fundraising & Alumni Relations Chair

As the Fundraising & Alumni Relations Chair for the Advertising Federation club, Jess heads creative efforts to earn support from the community and ISU Alumni. She reaches out to donors of the past and present, regularly communicates with the club's supporters, and brainstorms fundraising ideas.

This is Jessica's first year as the Fundraising & Alumni Relations Chair for AdFed. She is graduating in May 2021.

Advertising Federation Club & National Student Advertising Competition

ISU's Student Advertising Federation is a club that gives advertising, marketing, graphic design, public relations, and all other related majors an opportunity to expand their network and develop industry skills before graduation. The Student Advertising Federation at ISU represents the collegiate chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

This group consists of public relations, advertising, journalism, art, and marketing students at ISU who compete yearly in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). Each year, students develop a campaign from the ground up — including slogan development, media strategy, visuals and media, and budgets. The team then travels to the district competition, where they present their plans to a panel of industry experts and representatives from the client organization.

The team has a burgeoning history of success, having taken 3rd place in 2020 and 2017, and 1st place in both 2021 and 2016. They also have a strong track record of specific awards, including “Best Single Ad” for the “Confessional” TV commercial developed for Snapple, the “Most Memorable Moment” award for their “Click Click Hooray” concept, and “Best Male Presenter” for the work done by Chance Bennett on the Snapple presentation.

The team has just been awarded 1st place in District 11 for their Tinder campaign presentation. They are now headed to compete in a semi-final round against 14 other teams across the country.

The Student Advertising Federation at ISU is led by faculty advisors: Assistant Professor of Advertising, Dr. Summer Shelton; and Assistant Lecturer, Amanda Bennett.