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Multiplatform Journalism

The Multiplatform Journalism emphasis provides students with real-world experience crafting articles, stories and narratives on the issues that matter to them. Along the way, they gain the skills needed for today’s multiskilled workforce, as well as the ethics and knowledge to do their chosen profession in a responsible manner. Graduates of the program find work here in Idaho and across the country in positions such as: News Editor, Television Anchor or Reporter, Magazine Writer, Sports Broadcaster, Blogger, Video Production Editor, News Columnist, Radio Deejay, Newspaper Reporter, Screenwriter, Travel Writing, Publishing, and Screenwriting for Film and Television.

Tracks & Degree Requirements

Multiplatform Journalism

Multiplatform Journalism is a versatile major designed to prepare students for a well-rounded education across media industries including newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the web. Students also gain experience learning about media history, First Amendment law, and the Hollywood entertainment industry. In their coursework, multiplatform journalism students work on reporting items that are published in local media outlets. The major's multimedia focus includes newer forms of hand-on media experience, including blogging, podcasting and screenwriting.

Core Courses:

  • CMP 1110 Media Writing
  • CMP 2202 Photo, Graphic, & Video Editing
  • CMP 2209 Persuasion
  • CMP 2271 Television and Video Production
  • CMP 3309 Communication Inquiry
  • CMP 3311 Business and Political Reporting
  • CMP 3339 Web Design
  • CMP 4403 Mass Communication and Society
  • CMP 4410 Mass Media History, Law, and Ethics

Choose THREE Journalism Electives:

  • CMP 3310 Multiplatform Storytelling
  • CMP 3312 Screenwriting
  • CMP 3373 Documentary Cinema
  • CMP 3375 Television Programming
  • CMP 4418 Feature Writing

Choose THREE Department Electives

Complete 9 credits from other course offerings in the CMP curriculum, at least three of which are at the 3000-level or above.

To fulfill the department electives, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to effectively supplement required coursework in multiplatform journalism by pursuing courses that cater to their professional interests offered in the department’s other areas, which include public relations, advertising, video production, photography, design, rhetoric.

It is strongly recommended that multiplatform journalism majors fulfill their general education in objective 7/8 by taking CMP 2203: Media Literacy.