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Academic Deans' Council

The Academic Deans’ Council serves to facilitate university-wide collaboration in support of the mission and strategic goals of the University. The Deans’ Council reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and is charged with providing recommendations on matters related to the development and implementation of academic policies, procedures and initiatives.

Members of Deans Council

Kandi Turley-Ames

Dean of the College of Arts and Letters

(208) 282‐3053

Shane Hunt

Dean of the College of Business

(208) 282-2601

Jean McGivney-Burelle

Dean of the College of Education

(208) 282-4143

Walter Fitzgerald

Dean of the College of Pharmacy

(208) 282-2175

Scott Snyder

Dean of the College of Science and Engineering

(208) 282-3099/4539

Debra Ronneburg

Interim Dean of the College of Technology

(208) 282-2602

Adam Bradford

Dean of the Graduate School

(208) 282-2490

Sandra Shropshire

Dean of the Library

(208) 282-2671

Lyle Castle

Dean of Idaho Falls and Vice Provost for Academic Outreach

(208) 282-7852

Chris Owens

Associate Vice President for Health Sciences

(208) 282-2762

Karen Appleby

Vice President and Interim Provost

(208) 282-2171

Rex W. Force

Senior Vice Provost & Vice President for Health Sciences

(208) 282-3848

Cindy Hill

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Interim)

(208) 282-4945

Vince Miller

Director of Institutional Research

(208) 282-1045

Darren T. Blagburn

Director of Operations and Plans for Academic Affairs

(208) 373-1846

Blake Beck

Director of eISU

(208) 282- 5760

Chris Vaage

Director - ISU Twin Falls

(208) 933-2301

Jerry Leffler

Faculty Senate Chair

(208) 282-4219

D. Jasun Carr

Faculty Senate Vice Chair

(208) 282-2995