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University Committees

Academic Deans' Council

Academic Dishonesty Board

Academic Infrastructure Committee

Academic Standards Council

Accreditation, Assessment, Academic Program Review Subcommittee

Admission Petition Committee

Alumni Board of Directors

Associate Deans' Council

Associated Students of Idaho State University

Athletics Advisory Board

Athletics Compliance Committee

CARE/Threat/Assessment Team

Clery Compliance Committee

College of Technology/Technology Advisory Group

Compliance Committee

Core Theme 1 Subcommittee

Core Theme 2 Subcommittee

Core Theme 3 Subcommittee

Core Theme 4 Subcommittee

Electronic Information Technology Committee

Emergency Management Committee

Employee Engagement Task Force

Equity and Inclusion Commission

Facilities Subcommittee

Faculty Grievance Appeals Board

Faculty Professional Policies Council

Faculty Senate

Gender Equity Committee

General Education Requirements Committee

Graduate Council

HIPPA Compliance Committee

Human Subjects Committee

Information Technology Project Subcommittee

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Internationalization Steering Committee

Investigations Work Group

ISU Foundation Board of Directors

ISU Tuition/Fee Refund Appeals Committee

ITS Technical Operations Committee

Laser Safety Committee

Military Education Benefits

Momentum Pathways - Major Change

Momentum Pathways - Math Pathways

Momentum Pathways - Meta Major

Momentum Pathways - Teaching in the Momentum Year

New Student Orientation Academic Advisory Board

Non-Classified Employee Grievance Committee

Ombuds Committee

Radiation Safety Committee

Readmission Appeals Committee

Research Council

Research Data Center Committee

Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee

Scholarship Committees

Scholastic Appeals Board

Staff Council

Tribal University Advisory Board

Undergraduate Curriculum Council

University Assessment and Review Committee

University Honors Advisory Committee

University Library Council