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Idaho State University is committed to ethical conduct and to fostering a culture of compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations, and with State Board of Education and ISU policies. The University acknowledges that compliance requires an on-going and concerted effort on the part of all members of the University community.

In accordance with State Board of Education Governing Policies and Procedures, Section V.Y., the President of ISU has designated the University’s General Counsel as the Chief Compliance Officer for the University, and the Office of General Counsel as the University Compliance Office. The Chief Compliance Officer, with the assistance of the University Compliance Committee, is responsible for the administration and coordination of the University’s compliance efforts.

The Compliance Committee members include: 

  • Blake Christensen, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer - Compliance Committee Chair
  • Shawn Bascom, Assistant Director of Admissions, International Programs
  • Craig Chatriand, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Lewis Eakins, Chief Security Officer/Director of Public Safety
  • Deb Easterly, Assistant Vice President for Research Outreach and Compliance
  • Nancy FoxIndustrial Hygiene Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Stacey Gibson, Director of Equity and Inclusion
  • Cheryl Hanson, Associate Vice President for Facilities Services
  • Joanne Hirase-Stacey, Associate General Counsel, HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • Reese Jensen, Director of Internal Audit
  • Tony Lovgren, Interim Chief Information Officer
  • Karina Mason-Rorris, Director of Disability Services/EIT Coordinator
  • Laura McKenzie, University Registrar
  • Vacant, University Policy Manager
  • Brian Sagendorf, Director of Human Resources
  • Cody Sparrow, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance

The Compliance Committee shall assist the President and the Chief Compliance Officer with:

  1. Maintaining a Code of Ethics;
  2. Publishing an index of all major Compliance Areas;
  3. Coordinating compliance oversight, monitoring, and reporting;
  4. Proposing and reviewing new policies;
  5. Reviewing amendments to policies;
  6. Recommending practices to enhance compliance;
  7. Assuring University policies are regularly reviewed for compliance; and
  8. Training employees on the laws, regulations, and policies that apply to their job responsibilities.

As part of ISU’s compliance efforts and to encourage employees to report issues, the University maintains a website and hotline: or 1‐800‐716‐9007. REPORTS CAN BE MADE ANONYMOUSLY. They are received by the General Counsel and the Internal Auditor, who review and assist in resolution.



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